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  • Copy Critiques: Regular live copy critiques with step by step instructions on how to improve the words you write.
  • Jobs and referrals: Adhoc job opportunities via our Copywriter Concierge service and referrals from members.
  • Online meet ups: Chat with other members of the group in a casual online catch up.
  • Guest posting opportunities: Build your profile by posting on The Copywriting School website.
  • Free templates: Get your hands on some useful free templates.
  • Monthly masterclasses: Participate in short coaching sessions where we discuss common copywriter problems.
  • Free courses and motivational challenges: Opportunities to upskill and build confidence.
  • Members Facebook group: A private community for the world’s best copywriters and access to loads of goodies.
  • Fortnightly members email update: Receive updates on group activity and important posts.

You’ll also get the chance to connect with other copywriters who also understand the pressures of meeting deadlines while navigating the ups and downs of running a copywriting business.




“Working for myself, it’s easy to lose perspective. With this community, I get access to a whole bunch of other writers in the same boat: people I can tap for ideas, inspirations and letting off steam. A few weeks in, and I already feel joining was more than worth it.).”

Mathew Fenwick


“The most supportive online community I’ve found – you can ask questions and get excellent advice on running a copywriting business and dealing with all sorts of client situations. Priceless for any copywriter or marketer – I’ve recommended it to several copywriting pals already.”

Lizzy Pepper

Lizzy Pepper Marketing

“I am sooooo busy and the work generated by the CC connection is around a whopping 25% of what I do ..it has changed my copywriting life and given me a huge confidence boost and far better pitching skills ..I’m grateful beyond words even 4 well chosen ones :)”

Mary Cameron

4 Words

“Yes there are plenty of free communities – but the value of TCCS in comparison to those free groups is just incomparable. This is the friendliest, most helpful, most supportive online community around. Plus there’s sharing of job leads on a near-daily basis (often multiple jobs a day) which is a massive bonus. So come for the support and friendly chit-chat, stay for the business building possibilities. And if you’re thinking that you don’t want to be hanging out online with your competitors, think again. This group will boost your skills and confidence like you would not believe. Well worth every cent and some.”

Angela Denly


“TCCS is the best investment I’ve made in my biz. Over the past 3 years, I’ve doubled my income and built a business I’m proud of. It wouldn’t be possible without Kate’s wisdom and support from the group. If I have a question (about ANY topic), the copy beast brains trust has the answer. If I need to refer work to another writer, there’s talent waiting in the wings. As for the learning resources, we’re spoilt for choice. From copywriting tips to finance advice, time management and tools, there’s an abundance of juicy content. This is the sort of support people pay thousands for. Incredible value – and fabulously fun!”

Alicia Kacar

Tea and Copy

Since joining as a member of the Clever Copywriting school I have truly flourished as a business owner and as a writer. The community is one of the most supportive I’ve come across… everyone genuinely wants to help each other. There are oodles of free resources, as well as the sense of community that comes from the private Facebook group where no question is off-limits. I am always learning tips for how to be a better writer and how to manage projects. We all laugh together, cry together, and share pretty much every meme ever made! I know I would not be anywhere near as successful if not for joining this group.

Rachel Boros

SB Creations

“Joining Kate’s TCCS community was the best investment decision for my business. It’s a warm and supportive environment made up of zany, creative types who are hilarious. Though I think it’s Kate’s personality that has really made it cozy. I’ve landed two copywriting jobs from the 3 months I’ve been a part of the community and earned back the money tenfold. It’s a genuine community on Facebook and I love being a part of it. Worth every dollar!”

Rashida Tayabali


“Joining TCCS community is by far the best money I have spent since starting my freelance copywriting business. This fabulous group is my daily place for advice, laughs, venting frustrations and sounding out ideas. Each and every interaction that I have had has been positive and I can’t put a price on how valuable this has been for me. Thank you Kate for making it possible and to all in TCCS community for your general awesomeness!”

Johanna Kohler

Compelling Copy

“I am so glad I joined The Clever Copywriting School. It has been the best investment in my business. As someone who works from home, the Facebook group has a great way to connect with other copywriters, giving me some water cooler chatter with like-minded creatives in a supportive environment.”

Sandra Muller


“There are a lot of free online communities around so you may hesitate at the membership price tag but I promise if you join, you will never, ever look back. This community, run by the lovely Kate Toon, is one that refers work, shares genuine thoughts, opinions and is truly supportive. Whether you have 20 years experience or you’re a complete newbie you’ll learn a boat load from this awesome group. Super dooper value in every sense.”

Andrew Lau


“Joining TCCS was the BEST business decision I have ever made. The wealth of information within this group is amazing and what will blow your mind, is the willingness of everyone to share their experience, lessons and advice.
But beyond the amazing support and fun water-cooler conversations we have with each other, is the practical resources that will revolutionise your business. From FREE templates, tips on business management through to member makeovers and Masterclasses, these tools will arm you for the most daunting of copywritng tasks.
Since joining TCCS 3 years ago, my earnings have tripled, I’m working smarter, and I’m working with the kind of clients I always dreamed of. Plus, I’ve made some great friendships.
If you’re looking for some added support, expert guidance or just somewhere to hang out in between jobs, join the TCCS. You won’t regret it.”

Nerissa Bentley

Melbourne Health Writer

Jay Oliver testimonial

Jay Oliver


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