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This is a guest post by Business Mindset coach Cassie Lee. Get ready to get motivated!


Having your own copywriting business is such a thrilling and defining moment for you as a person. You’ve basically given yourself permission to work as hard (or as easy) as you like, choose who you’d most like to work with and, best of all, work in your birthday suit if it takes your fancy.

But working for yourself obviously has its ups and downs.

There are days where everyone wants a piece of you and other days, not so much.

If a dry spell seems to drag on longer than usual, how do you stay motivated and reassure yourself that it’s only a passing phase?

Well, here are my top 10 motivational tips on how to stay on top of your game and naturally attract the right clients to your copywriting business.


#1: Eat something delicious and nutritious

You can’t keep your spirits up if you’re not feeding yourself well.  2-minute noodles with a deep fried Mars Bar for dessert is not going to cut it if you are trying to rack your brains for new strategies to woo new clients. I’m sure that most of you can whip up a simple, healthy and tasty dish to feed yourself. If you’re feeling lazy, put on a pair of jeans and head out to a good café to refuel your tank.


#: Get some sleep

Check your sleeping habits. Is it a while since you had a good night’s rest?
A lack of sleep can also lead to mood changes and difficulties with thinking and behaviour.  Take a nap or go to bed early. There’s no point in losing sleep over the lack of clients. You want to be energised and ready to shine when a new client enquiry comes in.


#3: Talk to someone

If you are feeling a lack of confidence about your client docket, reach out and talk to your fellow copywriters (or a mentor if you have one). Chances are, everyone has experienced a dry spell and will have lots of tips on how to get over the hump.

Even if no new advice is offered, you’ll walk away feeling a whole lot better because someone is bound to share photos of foreign signboards with quirky English translations.


#4: Do a fun activity

Remember when you used to do something fun that was not related to work? It’s time to pick up the paintbrush, strap on a parachute pack or pull out the sleeping bag for a night under the stars.

Go ahead and make plans to get some playfulness back into your life. There is more to life than work and we all need to stock up on other life memories too. Remember, all work and no play….


copywriter motivation#5: Set new goals

Setting new goals is a good way to reclaim lost motivation. Make a list of what you want to achieve in your business for the next six months.

Yes, I know getting more clients is probably on the list, but think about other goals that will also benefit your growth, such as writing a book, growing your network, attending a workshop/conference, and so on. Allow your mind to get excited about other things as well.


#6: Offer to help someone

It never hurts to lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. Do you know a fellow copywriter who needs advice on a difficult client, an opinion on their Home page, a dog that needed walking?

You don’t have to spend money to be kind. You just need to remember to carry a bag to clean up after the dog.


#7: Organise or minimise

A chaotic office can dry up your creative juices. Do some housekeeping while you are having a bit of downtime – filing, tidying and decluttering. When you have a tidy desk, you will be more inspired to brainstorm a new plan to drive your business forward.


#8: Learn a new skill

Don’t waste those spare hours playing Candy Crush (unless you see it is as part of research). Instead, take this opportunity to brush up on some skills. Maybe you want to try podcasting, get your head around SEO or experiment with a new social media platform. New skills will lead to new ideas. Score yourself some bonus points if you can turn your newfound knowledge into an interesting feature to attract potential clients.


#9: Engage with your followers

I understand that if you are a newbie, you may not have a following on social media yet. Use this downtime to build up your following. Upload content that will engage, educate and entertain your fans on social media. There’s nothing more motivating than to have someone like, comment on or share your opinion.
Remember, they may be followers today, but they could be  clients tomorrow.


#10: Staying grateful

What makes you grateful about working as a freelance copywriter? Is it the ability to have a flexible routine, the fabulous clients you get to work with, or the connections you have made through online and real life communities? Gratitude and positivity go hand in hand. By adopting a positive attitude, you will continue to stay motivated and avoid discouragement.

You are in this business for the long run because this is what you want to do more than anything in the world. Chin up, my friend, because staying motivated will always put you in front of the pack.


Cassie LeeWho is Cassie Lee?

Cassie Lee is a Business Mindset coach who loves content creation either for herself or for her clients. Register for her Set Your Trailblazing Goals e-course and discover what is it that you truly want to achieve.