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Di Clements from On Time Copy


Who are you Di Clements?

Melbourne-based website copywriter but works for clients all over Australia.

Although my niche is legal, I have clients across a wide range of industries.

After years of traveling to and from work in my former life, I relish working from my home office, where no day is ever the same.


What did you do before you became a copywriter?

I was a contract technical writer and trainer for over 25 years.

I worked on-site for clients and often traveled interstate.

Once, during an air traffic controller strike, I clocked up more hours waiting at airports than I did for work.


How long have you been copywriting?

5 amazing and wonderful years.


What has been your biggest copywriting career win?

Writing new content for Balmain Sports Medicine when their old website was being rebranded.

Initially, they wanted a start date that didn’t work for me.

But the CEO of the branding company called me and arranged a schedule that was perfect.

He said he really wanted me to work for them. There were tight deadlines, but I never missed any.

My business is not called On Time Copy for nothing!


What was your worst copywriting career fail?

Writing web content for a ‘friend of a friend’.

She even edited the title tags and meta descriptions so the character count was way over the limit.

And she wanted TEN H1 headings.

Everything she wanted showed me that I had to pull the plug.

I refunded her first instalment, and wished her well.


What is your number one fave copywriting tool?

For starters, Xero for invoices and PandaDoc for proposals.

Both were recommended by a lovely bookkeeping client.

I used to write my invoices in Word and my proposals in PowerPoint.

I was quick to use them, but my speed was not a patch on Xero for invoices.

And as for PandaDoc, once I set it up, my proposals are streamlined and fast.

Plus, clients can just sign online.

My other ‘can’t live without’ tool is Techsmith’s SnagIt.

I capture images in a flash, add highlighting or borders.

Great for capturing my Toggl time tracking for client proofing.


How do you deal with self-doubt?

I’m getting better at it.

My main self-doubt comes when I’m waiting on client feedback.


What work/life balance or mental health tips do you have?

My office is where I work. When I go out and shut the door, that’s it. I don’t take my laptop to coffee shops or a library.

In fact, my laptop thinks it’s a desktop.

And in the mornings, I have a ritual for some health products I take.

I never go into my office until I’ve finished that ritual.

And I can definitely vouch for having cats in my life. They keep me sane.


What tip would you pass onto any newbie copywriters?

Never stop learning, and write.

Just write.

And make sure every word earns its keep.



What’s next for you?

My next web content work.

I’d like to have a constant source of work coming in but I’m always on the lookout for my next copywriting gig.


Why do you love TCCS?

It opened the door to my copywriting as a business.

It inspired me to go further and have faith in my abilities.

It’s supportive.

And it’s more of a family to me than my own has ever been.