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Jamie Thornberry from


Who are you Jamie Thornberry?

In the world of creative copy, a business can be whatever they want to be.

So, have I lost you yet?

Let’s use my business as an example.

I’m not just a web designer, I am a guide helping small businesses navigate the social media jungle or an instructor helping small businesses surf the world wide web. Navigating their way around sharks (competitors) to online success.


What did you do before you became a copywriter?

I used to work mainly within the realm of agricultural research, although I always had a passion for project design and creative writing.

Now I am lucky to have a career that caters for the best of both worlds.


How long have you been copywriting?

I have been copywriting for just over five years now. I mainly focus on grant writing, research, and project design.


What has been your biggest copywriting career win?

Writing a successful grant application for a major peak industry body.


What was your worst copywriting career fail?

Not putting in place a clear project scope and contract for a website that I developed.

Let’s just say it ended in a never-ending list of edits and updates.


What is your number one fave copywriting tool?

By far the blog template – it’s incredibly handy for any online content.


How do you deal with self-doubt?

When I encounter self-doubt, I usually try to think about the main reasons I started copywriting and website designing in the first place. It was mainly to help local small businesses and non-profits.


What work-life balance/mental health tips do you have?

I usually try to get outside and do some type of exercise during the workday.

It helps to approach the afternoon session with a lot more energy and inspiration.



What tip would you pass onto any newbie copywriters?

Don’t be ashamed to work full time while building your copywriting business.

I found that constantly having to look for work to pay the bills early on can really kill the mojo.


What’s next for you?

Hopefully looking to continue to build up my business in the grant writing and website design space.

I enjoy helping small businesses grow while ensuring grants are getting to the right places within rural communities.


Why do you love TCCS?

It’s fantastic to have a supportive community when you are just starting out.

The community is so broad that there is bound to be another writer within the same field as you.

The resources are also fantastic. They ensure you are adopting the best way to do things straight from the get-go.