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Rashida Tayabali from Rashida Tayabali Copywriter


Who are you Rashida Tayabali?

Rashida Tayabali is a passionate word geek. Words often swirl around in her brain, and she weaves these words into content that hits your audience right where their heart is.

She loves creating clever copy for clients through storytelling that inspires their audiences to act.


What did you do before you became a copywriter?

I’ve worked in various roles — from project coordinator for a Perth university to marketing coordinator for an industrial gas company and nutritional supplements company.

I loved working in these roles because they gave me the opportunity to write content for various channels. It gave me a real buzz.


How long have you been copywriting?

I’ve been copywriting for more than five years, and also grew two human babies in that time. Don’t ask me how I did both — I don’t remember.


What has been your biggest copywriting career win?

Being approached for a storytelling project by a company I really admire.

I got to interview some inspiring migrants and share their stories with Australia.

My work was displayed at the opening of the International Towers in Barangaroo, Sydney, and in a special exhibition organised by the company.

I was also part of an interview panel hosted by Jan Fran from SBS. Now I just wanted to bask in the glow forever.


What was your worst copywriting career failure?

I’ve had some minor fails, but nothing that made me question my career choice. But I would have had more fails had I not been part of Kate’s Clever Copywriting Community.

Because of the wealth of knowledge and generosity in the community, it’s hard to make major mistakes.

There’s always someone, including Kate, willing to give you great advice.


What is your number one fave copywriting tool?

Google Docs. It goes wherever I go. And my trusty SONY transcriber — handy for capturing client briefings.


How do you deal with self-doubt?

I look back at all my projects, published articles, and client testimonials.

I also remind myself how far I’ve come in terms of personal growth — much further than I would have as an employee.


What work-life balance / mental tips do you have?

As a mum of two, I often suffer from comparisonitis. So I keep my goals small and don’t put too much pressure on myself to achieve anything major just yet.

My children need me more right now, and that means I can’t do all the things quickly. But I can choose to do a few things well.

I also make time for self-care including lots of downtimes, which could mean watching Netflix or reading books.

I also eat well and exercise so I can sleep well.

It all helps me maintain my happiness and feel content with myself and my business.


What tip would you pass onto newbie copywriters?

Be confident and own your copywriting label/title. Your skills and knowledge will improve with time, and you’ll learn as you go. Each experience will take you further along your journey.


What’s next for you?

I want to develop my content storytelling skills further and work with organisations who value my skills and knowledge in helping them tell better stories to engage with their audiences.


Why do you love TCCS?

It’s the coolest and most generous bunch of people — online and offline. They have the amazing ability to form strong bonds with each other despite not meeting very often (and sometimes not at all).

I’ve always been in awe of Kate Toon, and I’m so proud to be called a Copy Beast.