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Welcome to the Clever Copy Chats Podcast

I wanted to create a podcast that gets back to the sticky, awkward, gloriousness of being a day to day copywriter.

Hurrah, back in the land of copy podcasts. It’s been a while. So let me tell you what my new podcast is all about.

I know. I know.

There are a gazillion copywriting podcasts out there.

I’ve made a few hundred or so episodes myself, but honestly, most leave me wanting. They’re all so dry, so earnest, so teachy.
All mega famous copywriters dispensing blobs of copy knowledge down from their lofty plinths.

Most of the folk interviewed aren’t even copywriters anymore, they’ve moved on to being course creators and moguls.
So I wanted to create a podcast that gets back to the sticky, awkward, gloriousness of being a day to day copywriter.

The woes, the ups, the bitty fist annoyance of a client who won’t use track changes, the tips on how to write 5,000 words in 20 minutes because you forgot the deadline, and of course, the real bottom warming stories of great clients and amazing writing that keeps us doing the do each day.

So come with me on a journey through colons and interrobangs.

Through client Zooms and last-minute amends, we’ll have some laughs and learn a thing or two along the way.

Grab a coffee and join me on Clever Copy Chats.

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