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This post was written by TCCS member, Steve May


The word copywriter is a dud

A reason many clients find it difficult to see the true value in what we do as Copywriters is that we are called Copywriters. I’ve never been a fan of this job title (especially within freelance circles).


Our job title needs extra spice

Copywriter should be creative writerI can’t help but feel that to others, ‘copywriters’ are those under-valued hermits who write little, almost insignificant words in the advertising world. The bits that fill the empty spaces on ads and websites. We do those blogs and subject lines in EDMs. We do the easy stuff. The ‘I need something written here to fill this page’ stuff. We are just the word geeks, right?


‘I write ads’ would be a good title, but doesn’t read well on a business card.

Creative Writer sounds better. 

I’d have never approved ‘Copywriter’ if I were tasked with finding a name for what we do.

‘Go back, try again. You’re off brief!’

Look at ‘Designer’, that’s a pretty swish title. Art Director sounds damn impressive – it’s even got the word ‘Director’ in it. We get lumbered with copywriter. Blah. They get the spicy name, we get cold broccoli.

Yet we produce those powerful ideas and express them in glorious prose. Which is pretty amazing and not easy to do.   


Our little words are seen by millions

Just saying the word ‘creative’ automatically delivers a sense of heightened skill and alternate thinking. Deeper thinking. A more specialised craft.

I create ideas and use words to deliver them. Ideas that clients use to face the world and build their businesses.

I don’t simply write copy. I position brands. Persuade. Grow loyalty.

Like many, my work has been seen by millions, attached to everything from banks to car companies. Headlines and sub-lines and copy that serves a greater purpose than simply filling those spaces.


Time to brand ourselves as good as we brand our clients

Every word I write counts. And is of value. 

Much of it may look small on a page, but you pay me (us) to ensure they make a big impact. 

We are Creative Writers.

Shame the job title for what we do in the world of selling actually undersells us.


Over to you. Got a better job title for ‘Copywriter’?

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