Coaching Calls

Need some support? Struggling with a copywriting issue? We can help!

Our coaching calls are a great opportunity to get help with a pressing issue and advice from an expert.

“The best copywriters don’t always run the most successful copywriting businesses.”

Kate Toon launched her freelance copywriting business in 2009 after 15+ years working in advertising agencies around the world.

Since then she’s worked with agencies, big fat corporates, governments and small businesses to help them produce oddles of copywriting goodness.

Kate is all about providing practical advice, how to charge more, how to get more out of your day, how to conquer that imposter syndrome and build a successful enjoyable copywriting business.

When she’s not tracking her time and organising spreadsheets Kate can be found wandering on the beach with her dog and mentor Pomplemouse or playing Minecraft with her eight year old.

Specialises in:

  • Mentoring new and upcoming copywriters
  • Helping over come comparisonitis and imposter syndrome
  • Setting up efficient systems and processes
  • SEO copywriting
  • Helping plan out goals and strategies to grow your business to just the right size


“Being a great writer isn’t a mystical calling. It’s a set of behaviours you can learn.”

Matt’s run a copywriting and content strategy business for seven years, and been a professional writer of some sort for twenty. He’s conquered writers block, won massive contracts, and written questionable copy about an ill-fated goat.

Matt always wanted to work with words. So he became a lawyer. That didn’t work out. So he became a public servant. That didn’t work out either. He’s so grateful that he’s found a career path he enjoys and which people pay him good money for.

His experience covers a lot of ground, but typically he’s working on big web projects and training gigs. He loves coaching writers on the principles behind the tactics.

Matt is also a dad, a cyclist, and a music boffin. He thinks ‘Take on Me’ by A-Ha is one of the finest pieces of art that Western Civilisation has produced. 

Specialises in

  • Copywriting technique
  • Winning and wrangling complex web projects
  • Mindset and self-confidence
  • Working with government
  • Information architecture and user-experience


“The difference between a good copywriter and a great copywriter is business pragmatism.”

Nicole launched Black Coffee Communication in 2011 on the back of more than 20 years in the communications industry, starting as a print journalist when journalism was more than click bait and cat gifs. She has bashed her head against the corporate, government and academic brick walls, and she has the scars to prove it.

Her somewhat accidental career path has equipped her with a broad range of skills across all facets of business writing, public relations and marketing. Her clients benefit not just from her way with words, but her understanding of business reality.

She is passionate about sharing her wisdom to help others succeed, and doesn’t sugar-coat her advice.

Between wrangling sentences, Nicole wrangles her two kids and an ageing mum. And had the good sense to marry a winemaker so the cellar is always stocked

Specialises in:

  • Mentoring new and upcoming copywriters
  • Project managing large documents (ie annual reports)
  • Setting expectations and winning clients who respect boundaries
  • Interviewing techniques to nail the brief
  • Working with repeat and ongoing clients (and have them come back again and again)

60 Minute session with Kate

30 Minute session with Kate

60 Minute session with Matt

60 Minute session with Nicole

“Chatting with Kate about pricing my copywriting services was the most productive 30 minutes I’ve had in a very long time. It could have taken me a year or more to discover through trial and error the things Kate taught me in that single, explosive knowledge-sharing session.” Jodie McLeod

Flying Solo

“Kate’s coaching has had a seismic impact on my freelance copywriting career. We’ve had a couple of mentoring phone sessions and her insights and recommendations have been spot-on. They’ve given me clarity and confidence, and an action plan for how to take things to the next level. Kate’s expertise and no-nonsense approach worked brilliantly for me. She personally understands the challenges of freelance copywriting. Plus, she’s funny. Thanks to Kate’s impressive braininess, I’m now earning more money and have a better work/life balance. Next, I plan to ask her about world peace.” Janet Hillis

Copywriter, Words of Prey