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We’re building a collection of amazing eCourses to help copywriters at all levels learn new skills and build a better copywriting business. In this section you’ll find our own courses (coming soon) and some third party courses that we really recommend.

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"I did a full day SEO Course with Kate and it was fantastic. I had been trying to find answers on SEO for a long time online, after finding nothing but companies wanting your money I decided to give Kate's course a try, and I'm glad i did. It was precise, informative and honest. Just one day with Kate is enough to give you all the basics of SEO and more. I have already started implementing the skills I gained, and our company website is already showing fast improvement."

Pat Tucker

Want to be a successful copywriter?

Want to be a successful copywriter?

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We help aspiring copywriters build a thriving copywriting business, hone their writing skills, make connections and boost their confidence.