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Last updated: August 2017

As part of The Clever Copywriting School’s mission to help you be a better copywriter, we want to make sure you get paid what you deserve.

We’ve developed these recommended rates in consultation with copywriters around Australia.

We recommend that you use these rates as a starting point for your copywriting jobs.

Please note: We will only accept job adverts on this site from clients who agree to these rates.

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What do copywriters charge?

The amount copywriters charge varies depending on experience, location, demand and the industry they’re writing for. A newbie blog copywriter might charge as little as $70 for a 500 word fluffy article. Whereas an experienced senior copywriter might charge thousands for a detailed Financial Services Annual report.

1. Charging a fixed price

Charging a fixed price for a job means quoting a flat fee to cover all the elements in the job. The quote will take into account:

  • Experience level: Experienced copywriters who have worked for a variety of brands and industries may charge more than junior copywriters
  • Demand: In demand copywriters may charge more than those just starting out
  • Skill set: Copywriters with a high level of skill in a particular area of copywriting may charge more
  • Location: Copywriters closer to large cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, etc.) may charge more than writers in rural Australia
  • Client status: Copywriters may offer discounts to start ups or charities and charge more to large corporates
  • Turn around time: Copywriters may charge more for faster turnarounds

2. Charging by the hour Copywriter Pricing Course

In some cases charging a fixed price might not be appropriate and you may choose to charge by the hour. If you’re working with advertising agencies they will often ask for your hourly rate:

Hourly rate examples:

  • New / junior copywriter: $50 – $80 per hour
  • Mid level copywriter: $80 – $120 per hour
  • Top level copywriter: $120 – $200 per hour

3. Charging by the word

At the Clever Copywriting School, we don’t recommend charging by the word, for the following reasons:

  • It turns your writing into a commodity rather than a professional and creative service
  • Per word pricing leads to a focus of quantity over quality – writing more just to earn more money, for example writing 50 words when 10 would suffice
  • With per word pricing writers are incentivised to work quickly, which often leads to poor quality copy


5. Deposits

We recommend charging a 50% up front deposit, especially when working with a new client.

The remaining 50% can be billed at project completion or at some other agreed milestone (say 2-3 weeks after the first draft is delivered).

If you’re nervous about charging a deposit, don’t be, it’s standard practice and actually make you appear more professional.

6. GST

If you’re unsure if you should be charging GST, then head to the Australian Tax Office website.


It’s a good idea to lay all our pricing out in a rate card, either for your own personal reference or to send out to clients on request. You can download ours here.

Feedback on these recommendations

These recommendations are meant as a guide. They are based on our understanding of the current Australian copywriting market. If you have any feedback, please  contact us.

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