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Each month we’re singling out one of our members for extra love! The lucky member this month is Gemma Hawdon.

In this post Gemma will tell us a little about her copywriting journey and the challenges she’s faced so far.


Gemma Hawdon | Bio

Gemma has over a decade’s experience writing articles for magazines, blog posts, web content, marketing copy and short stories.

She’s worked in marketing both on the client side for large corporations like GE Capital and Yahoo! and also as an account manager within global marketing agencies such as Publicis Group.


Tell us about life before you became a copywriter, what did you do?

I’ve always dabbled in writing – my entire family are writers so it’s in the blood.
When kids came along, I took time out so that I could be there for them full-time, but also to focus on writing. I delved deeper into the writing process taking courses, writing a middle-grade book and several short stories.
My confidence was boosted when a few agents showed interest and one of my stories was selected as a finalist in a high profile creative writing competition.


Why did you decide that copywriting was the right career for you?

It was only natural, I guess, for me to combine two great passions – marketing and writing.

I’m drawn to copywriting on so many levels – in the play of words, the psychology behind the message and understanding people and brands.

I think copywriting is one of the best jobs on earth.


What challenges have you faced since becoming a copywriter?

I think the challenges are more practical for me.
Being tough about my terms and conditions, chasing payment etc.
Most clients are great, but everyone’s busy and it’s easy to get walked over when you’re not clear about your procedures.


Tell us about your favourite client so far?

I have a few clients with a wicked sense of humour who make me snort. I miss that about office life, the buzz of being part of a team, the chaos, the stress.

So I love it when a client can bring a slice of that world back for me.


Tell us about your worst client experience so far and the lessons you learned?

I once took a potential new client out for coffee, even bought him cake. When I sent my quote, I never heard back.

My rates are mid-range, so I thought that very rude. I only take existing clients out for coffee now – and they buy their own cake :-)

I think copywriting is one of the best jobs on earth.


How has becoming a copywriter changed your day to day life?

I’m constantly learning because the industry is constantly changing. Communication evolves. Technology evolves.

Also, as a business owner, improving practices, managing finances etc. There’s rarely a dull day, even the cloudy ones.


What one tip would you pass on to someone looking to make the move into copywriting?

Read. Learn. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Plunge in – and above all, join TCCS. It will take years off your journey to success!


Over to you

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