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Each month we’re singling out one of our members for extra love! The lucky member this month is Tanya Younan.

In this post Tanya will tell us a little about her copywriting journey and the challenges she’s faced so far.


Tanya Younan | Bio

Tanya began her communications career in public relations, working across the public affairs, finance and community relations sectors. After three years she moved in-house to work in internal communications at both IAG and Westpac. She spent the next 8 years writing communications, and planning strategies, across a wide range of audiences and programs.

During this time she also studied life coaching and decided to leave corporate and work as both a life coach and holistic practitioner. Soon after, she started a family and continued to see clients while raising her three children.

She has now combined all her loves into one business; where she writes communications, including SEO website copy, brochures, flyers, Blogs and more, for health, wellness, holistic and conscious businesses.


Tell us about life before you became a copywriter, what did you do?

The last few years have been a juggle for me between raising my three children and seeing clients, both as a coach and writer. During this time I have developed my love for health and wellness; and have learned about creating a balance between work, family, healthy living and enjoyment! Before that, I spent nearly ten years working in corporate in various communications positions. I certainly learned about writing for different audiences, and how to tailor messages appropriately. I feel my life now, however, is the most balanced it’s been – I’m able to meet the demands of work, kids and health in a way that suits me.


Why did you decide that copywriting was the right career for you?

I love writing. I have always loved writing. For me, it’s the most natural way to express myself. It has always been a part of everything I’ve done.

When I was working as a coach and holistic practitioner, I saw so many brochures and flyers from other therapists, and I couldn’t believe how badly they were written and presented. I always loved writing my own marketing materials and felt proud of how professional they looked.

A few years ago I took a break from seeing clients. During this time someone close to me suggested I start a business doing marketing for holistic, health and wellness businesses.

That was my light bulb moment. I thought, of course! I love writing, I love helping people to succeed. Why not combine it all together into one business.

That’s where Word Space was born. Copywriting also gives me the freedom to work for clients in between school hours, so I can be there for my family when they need me.


What challenges have you faced since becoming a copywriter?

My major challenge is staying focused on my writing, when there are conflicting family needs. It’s always a challenge when you work from home and have a family.


Tell us about your favourite client so far?

My favourite client is a children’s publication that I prepare Sponsored Advertising Blog posts for.

They are great to work with; and always provide me with the information I need so I can write the best post possible for the client. And in most cases, my posts are approved first draft.


Tell us about your worst client experience so far and the lessons you learned?

Oh my goodness. I had a bad experience just recently where a client was unable to let go of the writing process; and after my final draft, just had to insert her own final paragraphs into the midst of all my copy.

This was after a number of copy revisions had already taken place. She got quite upset about my suggesting her additions needed editing, and I had to learn to let it go myself. She later became quite nasty on the phone and I had to take it all on board as a huge learning experience for me.

What I learned was to become very clear from the outset on how many copy revisions are included; and to remind the client throughout the writing process where we are in the copy cycle.

And, final round of copy is the final round. Any additional changes are to be billed at my hourly rate.

These are all important lessons most copywriters need to learn when they first start out. Be clear on what’s included and charge yourself out appropriately.

“What I learned was to become very clear from the outset on how many copy revisions are included.”


How has becoming a copywriter changed your day to day life?

Becoming a copywriter has given me a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.

And I can hand-on-heart say, that Kate Toon and The Clever Copywriting School has been hugely responsible for this. Before joining TCCS I felt like a lone fish in an ocean of freelancers. Now I have a home. I have the freedom to write when it suits me, and I get to work with clients that I love.

Plus I get to honour my two main work passions: writing; and supporting others to succeed. Happy days!


What one tip would you pass on to someone looking to make the move into copywriting?

Do it!

But really consider if this lifestyle is the one for you.

While the freedom to work your own hours is great, it can get a bit lonely at times typing away at home for hours on end. But if writing is your song, and freedom is your dream; give it a go and see what the future brings.


Over to you

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