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We recently organised a festive gathering of copywriters in Sydney – it was much fun

(By the way, what do you call a collection of copywriters? A gaggle? A colon? A grammar? )

Here’s a photographic update from our Christmas Copywriter meal.

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In total 17 copywriters joined us, some flying in from Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane just for the occasion. Copywriters in attendance included:

  • Bill Harper
  • Glenn Murray
  • Jasper Vallance
  • Melinda Leyshon
  • Katherine Pranic
  • Melinda Samson
  • Alison Hardy
  • Trish Arnott
  • Nicole Needham
  • Charlotte Calder
  • Janet Hills
  • Peter Crocker
  • Kate Toon
  • Rowena Tuziak
  • Lou Campbell
  • Sarah Morton
  • Steve Manning

We share some good stories, advice, food and booze. Here are a few photos to enjoy (You’ll be pleased to know we didn’t include the rather messy ones from the post meal karaoke session!)

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Hope to see YOU there next year.

copywriter christmas party

Two blonde copywriters enter a restaurant and…

copywriter party

Jasper was special, for he wore the green hat


Damn Steve can wear a hat!


Erm Glenn there’s something…oh never mind.


Three copywriter brains rubbing together


A happy copywriter is a …. happy copywriter


The whole lot of ’em