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Or, how to make the writer in your life quiver with joy

Christmas is almost upon us and, if you’re anything like me you’re busy roasting your chestnuts, making artful displays of festive foliage and desperately trying to write up copywriting jobs before you take a well-deserved break.
The thing you don’t have time for is rushing out and buying Christmas presents for all your copywriter buddies.

(I know because we ran a secret Santa thingo in the Copywriting Community this year and it’s been the source of much panic.)

That’s why I’ve decided to pull together a list of great gifts for copywriters.

  • If you know a copywriter, rest assured that placing one of these awesome items under their Christmas tree is bound to bring joy.
  • If you are copywriter, feel free to send this list to your significant other – and avoid another year of unwanted soaps and candles.

Please note: There are no affiliate links in this post, if such things bother you.


1. Storiarts ScarvesStoriarts scarf

Okay, it’s a little steamy for these right now here in Australia, but winter is coming (as it does every year), so buying your wordy loved one an Edgar Allen Poe book scarf or a pair of awesome Alice in Wonderland writing gloves is a winning idea.


2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Unless your copywriting loved one is lucky enough to write in their own little hut, the likelihood is that they’re writing at the kitchen table or, worse still, in a local café. Help them concentrate and write faster with these nifty noise-cancelling headphones.


3. Ampersand chopping boardPresents for writers

This lovely cheese and crackers serving board is perfect for when you have a literary soiree or just want to stuff your fat face with cheese – which I personally do on a semi-regular basis.

If Ampersands aren’t your thing – why not check out Miss Bold Designs range of custom chopping boards and have them lazer cut a literary quote for your writing buddy.
* Miss Bold Designs is actually a graduate of my SEO course.


4. Bed desk

If it’s a bit chilly where you are this yuletide, then this fabulous writing desk means you can take a duvet/doona day and still get the copywriting job done. It’s also perfect for balancing a bowl of crisps on while you binge watch Netflix.


5. Notepaper roller

Sometimes the ideas come and just keep coming, and who has time to turn the page or peel off a fresh Post-it note? The notepaper roller means you’ll never run out of parchment when you’re in a pensive state.


6. Sustainable coffee cupGifts for writers

I love this coffee cup. Of course it’s not just about the fact that it stops you filling up landfill with all those nasty paper cups and plastic lids, but it’s also insulated, stylish and, best of all, completely no-spill. I know this as I use the cup on the way home from the pool on my bike. Fill it up, toss it in your basket and not a precious drop of that magic word-generating liquid will be spilled.


7. Booky woooks

Of course we writers love books. Here are some of the faves from our copywriting community:


8. Invoices paid

There’s nothing we writers love more than getting paid. Well there are heaps of other better things actually, but receiving money is always appreciated, as member Nicole Leedham pointed out.

So, if you’re reading this as a client with a pile of outstanding invoices in your inbox, pay up and make a copywriter smile this yuletide.
Oh, and if you’re unsure if you’re paying your copywriter fairly, then check out our Recommended Rates page.


9. CopyCon ticket

Why not give the gift of knowledge, networking and free food with a ticket to next year’s Copywriting Conference. With a smashing line-up of real, working copywriters – ready to pass on their tips and knowhow. It’s the first event of its kind in Australia!


10. Library card socks

We copywriters like to think on our feet and absorb literary goodness wherever we can, so why not treat your wordy loved one to some library card socks.


christmas presents for writers11. Writers Tears Whisky

Member Simon Mitchell, recommended this great gift – not only is the name just perfect, but we copywriters do often like a tipple or two at the end of a long day of word herding.


12. Literary Tea

Member Libby Hakim is a big fan of a cuppa and recommends Literary Tea, which promises that its certified organic tea is inspired by literary genii. Each blend is unique to the writer and is the perfect accompaniment to reading their works. What better way to enjoy Hamlet than with a cup of William Shakespeare?


13. The love of other copywriters

If you’re a copywriter or know a copywriter that’s feeling, well a little bit lonely, then why not buy them the gift of solidarity with other copywriters! A membership into the Clever Copywriting Community, will not only give them a place to share their highs and woes, but also a way to promote their brand via our directory.


14. Wordy Wallpapercopywriter presents

Member Sandra Muller also happens to run her very own Wallpaper shop and recommends we check out the Bookshelf Wallpaper and also this gorgeous Letter Press print.

* Silk Interiors Wallpaper is actually a graduate of my SEO course.



15. LED Pen

Member Bill Harper recommends this LED pen for when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night and you don’t want to wake your partner. Genius!


16. Good Grammar Tea Towel5

If you’re unlucky enough to live with a Grammar Nazi, this tea towel will get their colons quivering. Thanks for the recommendation from member Rose Spagnolio.

And there we have it, 16 lovely gifts to plop under your copywriting Christmas tree. Feel free to share this post with your loved one, we recommend printing out and highlighting your favourites :-)