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Or, is one copywriting niche ever enough?

This post was written by TCCS member, Diane Clements


For years I’ve been fascinated by niches. Copywriting niches, that is.

Some copywriters niche in IT. Others niche in government, finance, manufacturing, recruiting, accounting, or in one of the other countless industries that proliferate today.

Then there are copywriters who niche in deliverables, such as resumes, tenders, or award submissions.

But whatever the industry or type of work, the mantra is always the same: Niche, baby, niche.


Niche envy

For years I was nicheless. There was no special subject I knew from A to Z for which I could write masterful content that broke new ground and grew my reputation as a niche expert.

I had niche envy, and I had it badly.


Bolt from the blue

Then, like a bolt from the blue, my niche came to me: legal.

I’d worked with legal firms—large and small—for years. I knew what a writ was, and what Power of Attorney meant. I was au fait with family law. And I’d cut my consulting teeth on legal.

The relief was palpable. At last, I’d joined the niche gang and was on my way.

Or so I thought.

Yes, I wrote web content for some legal firms. I wrote marketing material for another.

But something was missing. I’d painted myself into a legal niche corner and desperately wanted the paint to dry so I could get out.

Don’t get me wrong. Legal is still part of my copywriting life.

But so are real estate, finance, mortgage broking, beauty, commercial cleaning, allied health services, and retail.

I couldn’t call them all niches, so I decided to call them my nieces.


Reece Real Estate

Reece adores anything bricks and mortar. The view from the top is worth the climb. And when it comes to pools, the bigger the better. She’s also a dab hand with property listings—layout, features, location.

Reece has even been in real estate, showing celebs through prestigious apartments in Melbourne. And she’s been a property monitor, keeping agent auction reporting honest—and that’s no mean feat.


Charlize Commercial Cleaning

Get Charlize into some heavy-duty cleaning gear and she’s in heaven.

She loves it when you talk dirty to her. Mention a filthy warehouse, a germ-laden primary school, or a retail store with smeary windows and grimy floors and you’re talking her language.

She’s the Marie Kondo of the commercial cleaning world. And you can bet your bottom dollar that everything she touches in your warehouse, school, or store will bring you joy.


Beyoncé Beauty

When it comes to the latest beauty goodies and facial techniques, Beyoncé is in her element.

She can spot skin types at 100 paces. Her descriptions of miracle products for wrinkles and blemishes, or dry, oily, and sensitive skin, are so engaging you’ll want to buy every one of them, try every treatment, and rush to photograph your ‘before’ and ‘after’ face.

But mention Botox or Ultherapy and she’ll be off and running. Pain is definitely not on her beauty radar.


Lindsay Legal

Lindsay’s a straight talker. She likes nothing more than ironing out tricky legalese. She’s adept at handling legal clients – the ones who want every single service in triplicate. Give her five minutes on the phone and she’ll have them toeing the legal line in two shakes of a barrister’s wig.


Megan Mortgage Broking

Megan and money go hand in hand. Happily. Into the sunset. Into a perfect home.

Megan can transform your life. She’ll open the door to lifestyle possibilities that have always been out of reach.

Want a McMansion with a tennis court and to-die-for pool? Or a new office block for your burgeoning business? Megan knows the right people who know the right banks and the right financial wizards.

She’s the Samantha Stephens of the mortgage broking world. And when she twitches her nose for you, anything’s possible.


Rhonda Retail

Rhonda loves nothing better than to shop ‘til she drops—clothes, books, makeup, handbags, even bridal. (She’s avoided walking down the aisle herself, but can fake it ‘til you make it.)

She also knows about artworks, shoes, stationery, and homewares.

Every one of them is her absolute favourite, until the next one hits.

Last month it was toys. Next month it will be jewellery. And after that, who knows? The retail world is her oyster.


Alicia Allied Health

Alicia loves allied health services. She dotes on exercise physiology, embraces osteopathy, and is deeply into dental. And when it comes to Bowen therapy, she’s your go-to girl.

And let’s not forget optometry, Pilates, and podiatry. Alicia is quick off the mark, and will quickly make your mark in the world with these services.


Francine Finance

Francine is a woman of few words. Finance words. Her mantra is simple: “Show me the money”.

And last but not least…


Polly Proof Reader AKA the Cheetah Proofer

Polly’s proofing is fast and deadly to errors. She races through content, chewing up grammatical and spelling errors and spitting out perfect words and turns of phrase.

And every punctuation mark is grist to her proofing mill. A quick chomp with her deadly white teeth, and out they pop in perfect position.

And that’s not all of them. I haven’t mentioned Sally Scaffolds, Carrie Construction, Vera Video Scripts, or Molly Media Releases.

There will always be new nieces to welcome into my copywriting world. Thank goodness the paint in that legal niche dried fast.


About Diane Clements


Di Clements is a Melbourne-based copywriter and multiple nicher. She provides PA services to her three adorable cats and also runs a cat minding business. In her spare time, she’s an avid reader and a cryptic crossword fanatic.