Our TCCS special humans

Here at the Clever Copywriting Community, we have some really stand-out members.

The top of the top, the knees of the… bees. You get the idea.

People who have not only joined and made their personal businesses thrive but have turned around and poured all their experiences and juicy tips back into the community.

Each of these fantastic human beings has taken on the mantle of Ambassador and turned it into much more than just a pretty title to tack onto their email footer.

They are actively joining in on coffee chats, running occasional Masterclasses, and helping out all you lovely copybeasts within the Facebook group.  

Without further ado, meet our Ambassador group!

Angela Denly

I am a copywriter and communications consultant who helps businesses who mean what they say to say what they mean.

I love working with B2B services businesses and I have a sweet spot for writing mouth-watering copy for food and beverage businesses.

When I’m not writing copy for clients, I can be found playing taxi driver to my two daughters or lifting heavy stuff in the gym.

Matt Fenwick

I joined TCCS when my business had been puttering along for a few years. Like a mid-range moped, it was cute and comfortable, but wasn’t getting me anywhere fast.
I struggled to gain traction partly because when I started out, I didn’t have any agency experience, formal marketing training, useful contacts or business management chops. I was a good writer and pleasant with it and that was all. I also struggled because I didn’t have a tonne of confidence. I had a tonne of limiting beliefs. That success belonged to arseholes.
TCCS gave me a place to learn, and to see the whole menagerie of ways you can run and grow a content business. Within that, I found a model that suited me. And I found my people. I found the team that’s helped me grow True North to a six figure business. And a place to vent, seethe, and talk 90s indie music.
I told Kate a while ago that TCCS had made me a better person, and it’s still doing that.
You can ask me about working with government, managing large content projects, information architecture, user experience, and building teams.

Sarah Spence

After secretly stalking Kate Toon for a year, I was one of the first to do her Recipe of SEO Success course. I loved it and the minute she said she was starting a Copywriting Community, I was in.
As member #5, I’ve been around for a long time (barring a short maternity leave absence). With this community’s help, and especially because of the relationships I’ve built through it, I’ve had the confidence to grow from a fledgling copywriter into a content agency owner.
I’ve shared a lot in this group about my mental health, the mum juggle and the challenges I’ve faced as I’ve grown the business.
I’m always blown away by the support I receive every time I post and I now know that openly sharing my story, even (or perhaps especially) some of my darkest times, is beyond helpful for many of you.
I’m super excited to be a TCCS Ambassador and now you can all look forward to seeing my mug about here even more. You’re welcome – ha!

Johanna Kohler

It was in Adelaide. Mid-2015. When my world crumbled a little. After 12-months of maternity leave, I returned to work to find my ‘safe’ job was safe no more. ‘Disestablished’. (A friendlier way to say redundant?)
I had 2 x kids under 2.5, a mofo of a mortgage, and the desperate need to find part-time work to suit my skills and chaotic stage of life.
Did I panic? A little…
But not for long.
In that moment of uncertainty, the universe led me to a little thing called the ‘10-Day SEO Challenge’ run by some awesome chick with a cool last name.
After devouring every episode of Hot Copy and everything I could find about the Toon, I signed up to TCCS – before I’d had a single client.
Best. Decision. Ever.
Before I could overthink it, I registered Compelling Copy and put out my copywriter shingle.
And the rest (as they say) is history.
Fast-forward nearly 5 years and I’m a successful (ish) and confident (ish) copywriter specialising in websites and brand voice.
Like all of you, I have days where I feel like I’m flying high and slam-dunking this copywriting caper. And other days, imposter syndrome hits and I want to crawl under the covers and hide.
But on all the days. Good and bad. I have this fabulous community to turn to.
This group has taught me more than 15 years of formal education and corporate work experience ever did. And I’ve made many real-life friends and business connections who have quite literally changed my life.
I’m honoured to be a TCCS Ambassador and look forward to sharing more with you as we travel this copybeast road together.

Lisa Cropman

Hi. I’m Lisa Cropman, a creative copywriter and non-fiction editor with a London accent and a Melbourne address. I’ve been part of this community since it began.
I started my copywriting journey after graduating with a BA Hons in English/Media. Jumping straight into the intoxicating world of advertising at J. Walter Thompson, I worked with global brands, tight deadlines and huge personalities. It was fun, but exhausting. So, given my first love was books, I swapped the bright lights of ad land for the comforting smell of paper and ink.
Over the next few years, I added Penguin, Hodder & Stoughton and Pan Macmillan to my resume. As the marketing manager for non-fiction titles, it was a genuine joy heading into work. I got to read, strategise, plan and deliver thousands of books to market. These days, I can still tap into different buyers’ needs in a heartbeat and spot a typo at 50 paces.
In 2009, my husband had a whim (aka a mid-life crisis) and we packed up the family and moved to Australia. My priority was settling in our two boys. So, for the sake of flexibility (and, truthfully, so I could avoid having to look for a ‘proper’ job), I set up The Word Nest. My first client, a florist, cried with joy on reading my first draft and paid me in loose change and peonies.
I took an SEO course, signed up to gazillion newsletters and studied all the copywriting greats. Through word of mouth, I soon gathered a clutch of clients under my wing, but the learning curve was steep and also lonely. In 2014, I discovered Kate Toon, stalked her mercilessly (sound familiar?) and when she launched her community in 2015, I jumped at the chance to join it. I haven’t looked back since.
Now into my 10th year as a freelance copywriter, I know who I like to work with and the projects that turn me on. I don’t aspire to rule the world, but I do like to use my powers to build a better one, which is why I love working with businesses that support people and the planet.
I still edit non-fiction books and like to have a couple ticking along in the background while I work on things like website copy, taglines, EDMS and product packaging. I consider myself a copy chameleon, developing a tailored-to-fit voice for any purpose, but writing conversational copy is where the magic flows free.
My clients say I’m a good listener and creative thinker with a flair for clever copy. (One calls me The GOAT which I had to look up because being likened to a screaming farm animal didn’t appear to be a compliment.)
I love helping clients sell their products and services, but like a lot of people in the group, I still loathe selling myself. When Kate asked me to be a TCCS Ambassador, I was simultaneously chuffed to bits and all of a dither.
I still have lots to learn, but I’m so happy to offer words of wisdom where I can. I love to give back to Kate and this community in the same way they’ve given to me.

Amanda Vanelderen

I didn’t know I was a copywriter until I bumbled onto the TCCS website 4 years ago.

I worked in marketing, communications, digital marketing, publishing… I had years of copywriting experience. I just didn’t know that’s what it was called. 

Second round of mat leave, I dared to think about maybe doing a little freelance writing on the side.

But how do you do that? 

*Googles freelance writing templates*

TCCS. I signed up for the templates, I stayed for the people. 

I’ve gone from my first TCCS job^ to building a thriving business. If you flinched at that, don’t worry, you’ll get the confidence to talk about your business that way, too.

It’s been a ride that’s included:

  • hard work (and sometimes phoning it in)
  • fast growth (and some burnout)
  • gobsmackingly fabulous clients and work (and a few twats)
  • small businesses, startups, big brands 
  • writing a book^^ (spoiler: it has a typo)
  • sh*t hitting the business fan after illness (how to write emails on Endone and find your way back)

TCCS has given me the most amazing connections in business – but more importantly in life. 

Looking forward to offering my 2 cents worth on anything B2B, government, annual reports, case studies… or whatever is on your copy mind. AND my husband has joined me in WorkWords Content – happy to spill the tea on how THAT is going ;-)

^$99 to write a LinkedIn profile and 2 EDMs. I was thrilled and spent it on a bottle of Moet. 

^^ Write Better: How To Cut The Crap And Say What You Mean (I have a bunch in my spare room – PM me for a freebie!)

Nerissa Bentley

Most of you know me as Nerissa Bentley, The Melbourne Health Writer.
But I wasn’t always this successful.

When I first started this freelance writing gig, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Seriously, I was charging $180 for brochure copy AND a press release….and people paid me AFTER I had done all the work.

I had very few processes, was continually scrambling for work – anyone with a pulse and a wallet would do — my business was full of PITAs (pains in the you-know-what) and I suffered majorly from imposter syndrome. My first year in business I made just over $5,000.

But then I found TCCS. While my biz didn’t morph overnight, it started to grow. I learned so much from all the training, looked super professional using the templates, and I took my cues from the copybeasts who were already successfully making a living from this writing gig. (I didn’t even call myself a copywriter back then!)

I implemented the things I learned, attended CopyCon, asked questions, kept working, asked more questions, implemented more things and in 2018 I rebranded my business to focus purely on health and medical writing.
Now, I have 6-figure business that I once thought was impossible. And it would have been without the help and support of Kate, TCCS and the lovely beasts (past and present) who roam these hallways and hang out at the virtual water cooler from time to time.

Feel free to pick my brain about anything relating to health and medical (writing that is…I’m not going to diagnose that unusual growth on your toe). You can also ask me anything about personal and professional development because I’ve done a lot of that stuff and I subscribe to the theory that to grow your business, you need to grow yourself.
I’m honoured to be a TCCS Ambassador and I’m excited to be able to pay forward the support I received, to other copywriters on their journey to business success.