Online events for copywriters

We offer a range of different events in The Clever Copywriting School.

All upcoming events are posted in the Facebook group with details on date, time, topic and link to attend.


  • Toon Trainings: A 60 minute training run by Kate on a topic relevant right now for you as a copywriter
  • Masterclasses: 60 minute sessions with guest experts. Masterclasses are focused on teaching a specific skill, introducing you to tools to ease day to day business life or on new trends in the copywriting world
  • Coffee Chats: Casual online coffee catch ups to connect with Kate and other members of the community
  • Working Bees: Tickets to these extra events are available to buy in the copy shop. There’s a set focus each month and a 120 minute session to “do the doing”. Kate will keep the group accountable with check ins through the session and to help if needed


  • If you want to be seen during the events you’ll need a webcam (but you can also choose to be hidden)
  • If you want to be heard during the events, you’ll need a mic (but you can choose to just type your questions and contributions using the chat function)
  • Most of our events have a Q & A portion at the end, you’re welcome to participate with questions or stay quiet and listen to others.
  • Recordings will be uploaded to the member hub 24-48 hours after the event.


  • All events are virtual and held on Zoom.
  • Zoom is a paid tool, however it has a free version which works great
  • The first time you use zoom, you’ll be prompted to download and install it onto your computer
  • Worried about bandwidth? Check out this support page from Zoom.


  • Step 1: Watch the video below.
  • Step 2: Click this link to sign up for the free zoom version and install Zoom.
  • Step 3: Look in the events section of the Facebook group – 10 mins before the event is due to start and click the link to access the call.