Copywriter Quiz


I prefer working on my own rather than with a team.


I am happy to make my own business decisions.


I am motivated and can get things done without supervision.


I find financial pressure difficult and cash flow ups and downs stress me out


I hate talking on the phone or Skype and don’t particularly like meeting clients in person.


I sometimes struggle to start writing and often have to wait until inspiration strikes.


I am generally calm and don’t get stressed under pressure.


I have a thick skin and don’t take criticism personally.


I see writing for money as ‘selling out’.


I have a background in marketing, sales, advertising or PR.


I have a quiet place to work undisturbed.


I need external encouragement to feel positive about the work that I do.


I have an established network of contacts who I can contact about my services.


I crave flexibility in working hours more than a steady income.


I have a working computer and an awesome internet connection.