Success Path -Your copywriting journey

Success Roadmap

Your journey towards a successful copywriting business

This is our Success Roadmap – it covers 8 broad stages in your copywriting business development.
Of course, as a copywriter, you’ll be revisiting these steps multiple times, refining your approach.
There’s a playlist to match each of these stages.

NOTE: We update these Playlists every 6 months. They were last updated in April 2021.

TOON TIP: There are hours of content in these playlists. But unlike a Netflix series, you don’t need to binge it all in one go

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When it comes to running a business, mindset is everything – but there’s also a lot of fear that goes along with it.

Am I experienced enough to call myself a copywriter?

Am I doing this right?

Can I do this?

The answer to all three is YES.

Confidence is everything.

And in this playlist, we’re going to teach you the tips and tricks to slay the biz world.



You’ve done it, you’ve decided to be a copywriter. Now comes the task of deciding how to position yourself in the market.

Will you write exclusively for one industry? Will you set yourself up as an SEO-website-copywriter?
Or is blogging your biggest move right now?

We’ve developed this playlist to help you focus on your skills, where you want to be positioned, and how to display your personal Copybeast-brand to the world.



You may be wondering; how can I take my copywriting to the next level? How can I find time to make the big bucks?

The answer is to free your time from doing all the necessary but-finicky bits over and over and over again.

Go forth and learn how you can cut down the time you spend on client email layouts, building copy decks and essential project management.

A little time now will save you a lot of bellyaching later.



Becoming a freelance copywriter means wearing a lot of hats.

You’re now the company accountant, bookkeeper and payroll manager.

Unfortunately, we humans are not born with an innate sense of what our work is worth, or how to balance a chequebook.

This playlist is all about coming to terms with your yearly cash flow, broadening your knowledge on taxable income, and knowing how to lure the moolah into your bank account (and getting it to stay there).



It’s time to take a long, hard look at your first interactions with potential clients.

Are you putting yourself out there enough?

Are you leaving your clients hanging after your first interaction?

Are you setting clear boundaries, expectations, and intentions that show you’re directing this project?

With some advice – and a little practice – you’ll be asking all the right questions and dazzling future clients in no time.



Ready to learn the fundamentals of marketing: copywriter-style?

This playlist has been curated to show you a bunch of different ways you can get your business out there in the public domain.

From your mum talking you up at her salon, to using social media strategies.

You don’t have to do all of them at once.

But do something – your future self (and bank balance) will thank you when the enquiries flow your way.



Are you running out of time over menial, time-consuming tasks?

Do you wish you had a small team of minions to pick up the bits of work you’d rather avoid?

Guess what? You can absolutely do that.

Hiring outside help for non-copy related tasks will free your time to focus on what you’re great at.
Or you can hire copywriters to write the boring bits you don’t want to do. There’s many different ways to approach outsourcing and some pitfalls to avoid.

This playlist is here to show you the ropes.



Is it time to expand your business and start building your empire?

Are you wondering how to grow your business from a solo gig in the spare room to a team of humans?

Trying to decide whether you want a virtual team, or a gang that gathers around the boardroom table?

In the Clever Copywriting Community, we’ve got CopyBeasts running businesses of all shapes and sizes to share their experiences.

There’s no one way to scale, and this playlist will help you grow your business, your way.