Toon Training

Monthly training by Kate to help you boost your copywriting business and skill

Every month, Kate delivers a training tailored to the needs of the community.

This includes areas like sharpening copywriting skills, improving processes, client experience and profitability.

You’ll even find the odd video of Kate showing you her copy process.



00:00 Welcome and Introduction
2:00 Logo Selection
6:49 Testimonial Pages
7:39 Question: Where do you find photos to use for testimonials?
8:00 Testimonial Pages, including Google My Business reviews
15:00 Question: Tips on getting more GMB listings
17:00 Portfolio Page – What to include
20:00 Question: Using Typeform to get testimonials
21:35 Question: Best use of case study?
25:43 Question: Can you use links to people’s LinkedIn profile if you’ve written them?
26:30 Client Pages
29:00 Using PDF’s to highlight your credentials
38:00 Question: How do you showcase sales letters that are confidential?
40:37 Question: If you have to pick one (Gallery, Samples or Case Studies) which do you choose?
41:50 Question: Just starting out – focus on sample/portfolio rather than case studies?
44:00 Question: Do you put your full T&C’s on every proposal
45:56 Question: How do clients sign and return the proposal to you?
48:11 Question: Using case studies written in previous careers etc
50:00 Question: Do proposals document scare clients off?
57:48 Close

Tools: Screen grab plugin for chrome: Full Page Screen Capture. Also can print to PDF



I review two emails from members of the community.




KT explains how to write sales pages to sell our own services as copywriters and how to write copy that sells for our clients.

Tip: Most people, when they hit your site, they’re already on the road to you. They’ve searched for copywriting. They want to be reassured that the business decision they are about to make is a good one.

Kate shows two of her best performing pages:

1. Small business copywriting page

Small business + website copywriting. This became her best performing page.
She wanted to give the page some personality so gave it a James Bond theme. KT used a little bit of humour and personality throughout the page. DON”T abandon your personality, just because you are writing sales copy.

Follow a basic copywriting formula.
PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution.

Problem – Starting out in business
Agitate – Can’t write
Solution – Kate Toon will do it. Choose me because I am experienced, affordable, lovable, organised and awesome.

Kate outlines:

  • How she uses samples/case studies
  • How she addresses potential concerns head on.
  • The use of testimonials – artfully pick some different testimonials that address the concerns of your customers.
  • Price
  • Why she includes FAQs. People don’t read copy, they scan.
  • Call to action.

2. Full On sales page.

Each of the pages under the Courses tab is a sales page (even the free one).

Same approach:
Problem – agitate – solution.

Who is the course for? Testimonials with pictures are powerful. If I see someone like me, I think I can do it too.

Justification – expanding it now. Why do the course? What do you get?
Break down the subject matter into chunks.

Then a call to action.

Then keep going: stacked testimonials (one line that sums up). Knowhow, approachable, money. Each testimonial serves a point. Be selective.

Kate walks us through her whole Mega Page, identifying how and why she’s used certain elements in her copy.

The site has changed over time but she has sold 500 courses through it now.



You can sign up for free and run a few projects and see how it goes.

Projects – add a project by clicking + then add team.

Once within a project you can add a task.

Within each task you can:

Assign it to a person
Assign it to a person
Give it a due date
Like it
Tag it in different colours
Set up sub-tasks

A standard flow set up for every single copywriting project that you run.

  • Pre sign-up
  • Copywriting
  • Project sign off

Add people into projects by inputting their email address. Asana sends them an email and invites them to join the project.

When you log in you will see your list of tasks, or you can look at individual projects. If you’ve set it to allocate a task for a certain day, it will alert you when you need to do the task.

Asana enables users to have conversations about a particular project. This eliminates the need for emails. Everything to do with this particular job happens in here.



1. What to do after the initial brief:
What to do after the initial brief:Get inquiry. Raise a quote/send a brief, 50% deposit up front. Then, full briefing on Skype. Talk through every page of their website and look at competitor’s sites as a starting point

2. Creating a skeleton deck
Go through the deck and fill in any details that you can. Create the pages that you have agreed to do for the client. Then, add bullet points highlighted in yellow. As you go, put as much information as possible and put it on the right page of the copy deck.

Then, annotate the skeleton deck with questions that you have for the client to answer.
Send the skeleton deck to the client and schedule a call for very close to this time. Go through each page and ask them questions as needed.

3. The four stages of copy deck writing

Skeleton Draft.
First draft – 80% finished. The more involved and integrated you get the client, the more they will love the copy at the end.
Second draft – 99% there. But there will be typos and errors; focus on getting the content right. The polish will be done later.
Third draft goes for Proofreading
Then it is signed off and final. End of project sign off template.
You can offer an extra service to review the copy once the site is up.

4. Wireframes
These can be a lot of work. Cost it separately. You can upsell this service.
Other than the order and types of content, don’t feel that you need to worry about the UX. It is the designer’s job.

5. Sitemapping
KT recommends Slickplan for site mapping.
Additional fees for coming up with a site map.




This is an example Loom video I made for my client You can use use Loom here: Also here’s the email I sent with this video: