Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do I find templates for my business?

We have a range of templates tailored to suit every copywriter, big or small. Whether you’re just starting out or a well-established copywriter, you’ll find a great range of templates in our shop.

What are coffee chats, and how often are they on?

Coffee chats are monthly group coaching calls where Kate helps you tackle the challenges of being a copywriter in business. It’s a fun and exciting way to interact with the group and get even more value from your membership.

How do I attend a coffee chat?

Coffee chats are exclusive to members of TCCS. You can join by clicking on ‘I’m a copywriter’ and selecting ‘Join Our Community’ from the dropdown menu. From there you can select one of our Six-Monthly or Annual Memberships.

Where are suggested rates for copywriting work?

This is available to paid members of The Clever Copywriting School group, and can be found on the Members Details Spreadsheet. You’ll find the spreadsheet location in the pinned post on The Clever Copywriting School Facebook page.

What is the best way I can start learning about SEO?

If SEO is what you’re interested in then www.therecipeforseosuccess.com.au is your one-stop shop. Here you’ll find Kate’s internationally renowned SEO Recipe for Success course that will teach you everything from the fundamentals of SEO right through to how you can track and measure your success.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in but you’re not sure, there’s also a free course called SEO Nibbles where you can test the waters first.

What is a copy buddy? How can I get one? And how can I help someone else?

A copy buddy is someone from our paid group of copywriters who is also looking for a buddy that we pair them up with. This person can be your go-to person when you need to bounce an idea off someone, keep yourself accountable, or just have a casual chit-chat.

Where do I find the TCCS member image to add to my website?

Once you log into The Clever Copywriting School you’ll see a Members tab at the top of the page. Click this and you’ll be taken to the Members section. Once inside the Members section, scroll down and click on Membership. Scroll down, and you’ll see the approved images you can use on your site. Simply right-click the image and save. (Please add a link back to TCCS so people know what we do.)

How do I use Zoom? Do I need to create an account?

To use Zoom, simply head to https://zoom.us/download and download the app. Once it’s installed you can create an account, create a meeting, share the link then start video conferencing. It really is that easy.

Does Zoom cost money?

Zoom does have some paid versions, and depending on your specific requirements there are different subscriptions available. However, the Basic package is totally free. (We use this one, and it works just fine.)

How do I apply for jobs?

To apply for jobs, you need to be a paid member of The Clever Copywriting School. Around 20 jobs are posted to the TCCS Facebook group every week. Once a job is posted, simply follow the format in the pinned post. If you’re one of the first two people to apply we’ll let you know that your details have been passed on.

(We’re currently developing a Jobs board, and we’ll keep you up to date.)

Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can apply for?

Yes, you can apply for up to two jobs per week. However, if a job has been up for a few hours that no-one has applied for and you’re well suited to it, you’re free to apply for it.

How do I create and edit my TCCS Directory profile?

Directory Listings are for paid members only. When you purchase a TCCS membership you’ll be able to access the members only area on the TCCS web page. There you’ll find the Membership page, which will give you the option to add your directory listing.

How do I know if someone has contacted me via the directory?

A potential client can contact you through your directory listing in one of two ways:

  1. They can use the contact details you provide on your directory. This could be an email address, phone number, or even a link to your website.
  2. They can fill out a guest form on the TCCS site. If this happens you’ll receive an email asking you to check your Clever Copywriting School account to read your message.
How do I access the Masterclasses?

Upcoming Masterclasses will be posted as events in the Facebook group. Masterclasses take place over Zoom (a link will be included in the event to join the online class). Once the Masterclass is complete, a recording will be uploaded to the Members area of the Clever Copywriting School website.

What's the process for organising one?

To organise a masterclass you first need to be a member of TCCS. Regular callouts are posted in the Facebook group for anyone who has a great idea for a Masterclass, or would like to run one. You can also email admin@clevercopywritingschool.com with your suggestion.

How do I write a guest blog post for TCCS? Where do I find the template?

If you’d like to write a guest blog post, head to the members area of the TCCS website. Once there you’ll find an option to ‘Write a Guest Post’. If you’d like to write a guest post, please ensure you use the ‘Guest Post Template’, which you’ll find in the right-hand menu under ‘Free Resources’.


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