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Access to our amazing community of writers from all over the world.

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Expert advice on all your writing and business issues from top copywriters.

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes being a copywriter can be, well, a little bit lonely.

The only other people who understand you are your competitors, and most online communities are just a full of complainers and self-promoters.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a group where you felt at ease?

Somewhere you could actually share your highs and woes with people who truly understand what you’re going through?
A place where you can brainstorm, be held accountable and learn new ways to build your copywriting business.

Well that place exists, and it’s the Clever Copywriting School Community.

Who is it for?

We’re here for you if you’re…

  • Taking the leap into a life of freelance copywriting
  • Starting a career in writing at an advertising agency
  • Working within a marketing team
  • Writing copy for your own business website
  • Looking to grow and run a successful copywriting business

Even if you’re already an established writer, you could find a new network, polish up rusty skills or learn about new areas of copywriting. It could also help you  seasoned pros to learn a few new tips and techniques.

I’ve landed two copywriting jobs from the 3 months I’ve been part of the community

Joining Kate’s TCCS community was the best investment decision for my business in 2016. It’s a warm and supportive environment made up of zany, creative types who are hilarious. Though I think it’s Kate’s personality that has really made it cozy. I’ve landed two copywriting jobs from the 3 months I’ve been a part of the community and earned back the money tenfold. It’s a genuine community on Facebook and I love being a part of it. Worth every dollar!

Rashida Tayibali

I joined on Wednesday and on Friday won a job that not only covered the cost of my membership but also my Mega Copywriters Pack!

Not only that, I haven’t felt lonely for a single minute here in my home office, I’ve made new friends and I’ve been able to ask questions and bounce ideas off other people who have been very friendly and supportive. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. Come and join the fun. I promise you won’t regret it.

Phyllis Stylianou

About 3 months into my membership, I landed a job through the directory that paid for the whole year’s membership

Like Kate told me when I was on the fence, it’s only the cost of a coffee per week. But then, about 3 months into my memberships, I landed a job through the directory that paid for the whole year’s membership. So now, I can go back to buying my weekly latte, that I sip while I hang out with my virtual copywriting besties in the best Facebook group I’ve been in. The support from this tight-knit community alone is worth a lot more than my weekly caffeine dose.

Marie-Pier’s Rochon

What you get

Discounts on coaching

A 20% discount on all coaching sessions.

Discounts on products

A 20% discount on all Copy Shop products, courses and webinars.

Copywriting tool kit

Our copywriting tool kit – a collection of our  resources, podcast and tools.

Copy Critiques

Regular live copy critiques with step by step instructions on how to improve the words you write.


Jobs and referrals

Adhoc job opportunities via our Copywriter Concierge service and referrals from members.

Fortnightly online meet ups

Chat with other members of the group in a casual online catch up.


Guest posting opportunities

Build your profile by posting on The Copywriting School website.


Free templates

Get your hands on some useful free templates.


Monthly masterclasses

Participate in short coaching sessions where we discuss common copywriter problems.


Free courses and motivational challenges

Opportunities to upskill and build confidence.

Access to the member’s only Facebook group and online member hub

A private community for the world’s best copywriters and access to loads of goodies.

Fortnightly members email update

Receive exciting updates on group activity and important posts.

Free templates

Daily Planner Template

WordSwap Chart

Goal Setting Template

Copywriter Budget Spreadsheet

GST Charging Email Template

Revisions Brief

Content Calendar

2019 Profit First Finance Tracker Template

Work in Progress Template

Blog Post Template

Monthly MasterClasses

Short learning sessions with expert copywriters and industry leaders, shared in the Facebook community and stored in the membership area. New MasterClasses added every month.


Kate Toon: Asana from Copywriting Projects

Tanya Gardner: Testimonials that WORK

Donna Webeck: Creating killer real estate copy

Jay Pitkänen: How to get amazing clients by thinking like a boss

Sandy Taylor: How to make the most of Trello

Tanya Gardner: Testimonials that WORK


Kate Toon : The Web Copywriting Process

Eda Utku: LinkedIn Makeover to Attract the Right People to Your Network

Andrea Rowe: Working with Not For Profits.


Nicole Leedham: Annual Reports

Rachel Alt: Financial services copywriting

Carla Beth: Introduction to Evernote


Lisa Kniebe: Writing great about pages

Diana Todd: Tax tips for copywriters


Laura Elkaslassy: Profit First Q+A

Leanne Woff: Outsourcing - where do I begin?


Matthew Fenwick: UX made easy

D.P. Knuten: Social media for copywriters

Kate Merryweather: The ultimate press release formula

Kate Toon: My best performing sales page

Nerissa Bentley: Writing and pitching for Newsmodo


Bettina Deda|Rashida Tayabali: Pitching to editors

Kate Merryweather: Working with agencies

Nerissa Bentley: We are our business

Sophia Arthur: How to charge premium prices without fear

Diana Todd: Getting Your Biz Finances Organised (Simply)

TCCS Experts

Kate Toon

Head Copy Beast

While other copywriters talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.

Leanne Woff

Outsourcing Guru

With over 15 years’ experience, Leanne is an award-winning online business manager and bookkeeper. She works with corporates and superstars who run hectic businesses or even multiple businesses, starting with your basic administration and working through to your bookkeeping.

Diana Todd

Finance Specialist

Diana Todd is a registered tax agent and the founder of Balance Tax Accountants, an online accounting firm specializing in creative industries. Balance Tax Accountants takes the stress out of tax through systems and education, empowering small business owners to get control of their business finances.

Robyn Smart

WordPress Expert

Robyn from Smart Robbie specialises in WordPress design, development and maintenance.

She has a background in branding after working several years in a branding agency helping clients translate their new rebrands online.

An Australian community with global members

Our community is based in Australia, but thanks to the wonders of the interwebs we have members from all over the world.

Free courses and motivational challenges

We regularly run in group challenges to boost our profile, win more jobs, gather more

testimonials and generally improve your copywriting business.

What our members are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let these eloquent copy beasts do the talking!

“The best online coworking space you can have.”


“One job I won through the group paid for my membership for 142 years.”

“It helped take me from a struggling copywriter to a thriving business owner.”

“I instantly found a group that is so supportive.”


I get access to regular job referrals and advice

The TCCS community provides the important office chit-chat and peer support that I would normally usually miss out on as a freelancer. I get access to regular job referrals and advice (not to mention adorable dog photos), and I’ve found the Copy Shop resources really helpful – why spend hours researching terms and conditions for your client contracts when you can download a template for a very reasonable fee?

Simon Phillips

The most supportive online community I’ve found

You can ask questions and get excellent advice on running a copywriting business and dealing with all sorts of client situations. Priceless for any copywriter or marketer – I’ve recommended it to several copywriting pals already.

Lizzy Pepper

It has been the best investment in my business.

I am so glad I joined The Clever Copywriting School. As someone who works from home, the Facebook group has a great way to connect with other copywriters, giving me some water cooler chatter with like-minded creatives in a supportive environment.

Sandra Muller

It really is a virtual agency, offering the support and banter of fellow writers

Like many in here have said, freelancing can be one of the loneliest things to do. It’s why TCCS is so valuable. It really is a virtual agency, offering the support and banter of fellow writers, just without the actual water-cooler. It’s wonderful for the good days, even better for the bad days. TCCS reminds freelancers that they’re (we’re) not alone. And you can’t get more valuable tool than that.

Steve May

The sounding board I’d been missing

Working for myself, it’s easy to lose perspective. With this community, I get access to a whole bunch of other writers in the same boat: people I can tap for ideas, inspirations and letting off steam.

Mathew Fenwick

Super dooper value in every sense.

There are a lot of free online communities around so you may hesitate at the membership price tag but I promise if you join, you will never, ever look back. This community, run by the lovely Kate Toon, is one that refers work, shares genuine thoughts, opinions and is truly supportive. Whether you have 20 years experience or you’re a complete newbie you’ll learn a boat load from this awesome group.

Andrew Lau

I have definitely taken my business up a notch (or ten) since joining.

So worth it. I have only been a member for a few weeks but I can already see the investment paying off. This little community is such a brilliant resource for freelance copywriters – allowing us to connect, share ideas, successes and challenges.

Sophia Arthur

Who runs the group

The group is run by me, Kate Toon.

While other copywriters talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.

I’ve worked hard to create a hugely successful copywriting business that’s given me a great lifestyle. And I get to work in my pyjamas all day. #WIN

I’ve also helped countless small businesses and huge corporates such as Kmart, Curash, The RTA, O’Brien Glass, Pedigree Chum and others to improve their copywriting traffic and conversions.

I don’t talk about lofty principles or waffle on about strategy.

I roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, offering you no-nonsense copywriting advice and practical business tactics that get results fast.

“I’ve learned so much by connecting with other great copywriters and feel that by sharing our highs and lows it makes us all better at what we do. I’ve always believed that we should see other copywriters as our colleagues not our competitors, and I wanted to encourage all copywriters to connect and share ideas, tips and know how.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an established copywriter to join?

Not at all. This group for all copywriters, and it will suit anyone who works in marketing. It’s also great for those looking to break into copywriting as a career, or those who would like to learn more about copywriting for their small business.’

Can I claim the membership as a tax expense?

As this is a business subscription, it should be a deductible expense. However, we recommend you talk to your accountant about it.

How much time do I have to put into the community?

You can spend as much, or as little time in the group as you want. Some members are in the group several times a day. Others dip in every couple of weeks when they’ve got a question they need answered.

Plans and Pricing

Check out our affordable pricing options below: