Join Australia’s favourite copywriter
Kate Toon in her VIP membership

One job I won through the group paid for my membership for 142 years!
The most supportive online community I’ve found
I’ve learned more in six months than I have in the eight years of my copywriting career

Let’s be honest. Sometimes being a copywriter can be, well, a little bit lonely.

You might have thought it was all sitting in cafes, sipping cappuccinos and writing perfect prose. But now reality has hit home. You have to not only market your business, but manage clients, create processes, work out your pricing and keep up a steady flow of work.

And you have to do it solo.

And while the only people who understand are other copywriters, most online communities are full of complainers, self-promoters and willy wavers.

The Clever Copywriting community is different.

It’s a safe space where you can feel at ease.

Where you can share your highs and woes, with people who truly understand what you’re going through.

Where you can brainstorm, be held accountable, seek advice, get expert opinions and learn new ways to start and build your copywriting business.

Get the support, training, resources, inspiration and jobs you need to run a successful copywriting business.
Build your
Learn New
Get Expert









Is the Clever Copywriting Community for you?

The Clever Copywriting community is a diverse, inclusive and safe space.
It’s perfect if you’re:

Taking the leap into a life of freelance copywriting
Starting a career in writing at an advertising agency
Working within a marketing team
Writing copy for your own business website
Looking to grow and run a successful copywriting business

Already an established copywriter?

We have lots of successful, high earning, big brand copywriters in our community.
They find it’s a great place to build a network of sub-contractors, brush up on rusty skills, learn about new areas of copywriting, polish processes and enjoy interacting with like-minded humans.

Choose your copywriting stage

We’ve carefully curated content to match each stage of your copywriting journey, with resources, training, masterclasses and support that guides you through each step you need to take.

What the?

Brand new to the world of copywriting. No business set up.


Business started but no real brand, systems or processes.


Some systems and processes, a simple brand, website and a few clients.

Going good

Solid brand, website and socials set up, good cash flow, several clients.


Solid brand, strong website and socials, lead magnet, email funnel, smart money management, client waitlist.


Established brand, finances and client list, looking to expand, build a team or automate, increase pricing and work with premium brands.

What makes the Perfect Membership?

Our membership is not a course, although it’s packed with learning materials. And it’s not just a community, although support and help are a huge part of what we do.

Instead, it’s a warm, inspiring, enjoyable place to learn, grow and get help when you need it.

We believe a great copywriting membership has four core elements.

The Clever Copywriting School Roadmap

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter path to copywriting success. And while we believe everyone can make a great income as a copywriter, we’re not banging some unachievable seven-figure drum. Instead, we work through a logical, practical easy to apply process.

Our Success Roadmap looks like this:


Believe you are a copywriter and building the confidence to say it!


Decide how to position yourself in the market.


Understand and implement standard client processes.


Get comfortable with your pricing and tracking revenue.


Work out how to woo and onboard clients.


Learn how to market consistently to win more work.


Decide which tasks can be done by others.


Build your copywriting empire.

What you get

Monthly Expert Masterclasses

Every month we have Masterclasses from copywriting and business experts from around the globe.

With practical training and tangible, doable actions, you’ll learn awesome copywriting and business skills to help you thrive.

Monthly Coffee Chats

We gather the Copybeasts once a month to chat about any questions and concerns they may have. Bring a coffee, a tea or a vino. But most importantly, bring your problems and work through them with Kate Toon and the rest of the community.

Job Board

Exclusive access to ad hoc job opportunities from our job board. We post more decently paying, genuine copy opportunities than any other site in Australia. There’s also lots of opportunities to win work from other copywriters in the community, as referrals or subcontracting.

Directory Listing

Feature your copywriting business in our popular directory*. List your skills, gather reviews, and win leads directly from our high-ranking website.
*Annual members only.

Hot Seats

It’s YOUR turn to get some direct support and love from Kate. Take a turn in one of the hot seats, share your business issues, mindset problems, process dilemmas and money messes.

Copy Critiques

Regular live anonymous copy critiques by Kate Toon. Watch as she reviews, reworks and provides step-by-step advice on how to improve your writing skills.

Toon Trainings

Sit down with Kate as she takes you through personal training sessions. In-depth interactive education on how to write for different channels, build your profile, manage your process, master money and win more clients.

Supportive Facebook group

Our vibrant, warm, easy-going community is unlike anything else on Facebook. Here you can talk about your copywriting clients, troubleshoot and get feedback from your peers and industry experts.
Zero judgement, super responsive and a whole lot of fun.

In-person Events and Meetups

Meet up with other copywriters face to face. Leave your copy cave and venture out to connect with like-minded humans at informal meetups, presentations, and of course our flagship copywriting conference CopyCon.

Training library

A monster library of more than 140 previously recorded Masterclasses, Toon Trainings, Copy Critiques, Hot Seats and more.

Resource and Templates Library

A deliciously full library packed with a great selection of free copywriting process and writing templates to save you time and win clients.

Copywriting Toolkit

An ever-growing collection of tools, books, podcasts and other resources to help you transform your writing skills.

Juicy Discounts

Get a lovely 20% discount* on all Copy Shop templates, worksheets, courses and events.
*Annual members only, 10% for 6-monthly members.

Learn from the best

Justin Blackman

Writing with personality and brand voice

Steve Folland

10 biggest lessons I’ve learned as a freelancer

Leanne Woff

Software for smooth project management

Vladimir Klakov

How to present a website idea in Draftium

Cherie Clonan

Creating a social media strategy

Joel Klettke

The Case Study blueprint

Tanja Gardner

Testimonials that WORK

Laura Elkaslassy

Create a profitable and sustainable business with Profit First

Bettina Deda/ Rashida Tayabali

Pitching to editors

Kate Merryweather

Working with agencies

Diana Todd

Getting your biz finances organised (simply)

Lisa Kniebe

Writing great About pages

Kate Toon

My best-performing sales page

Rochelle Bright

Tips for managing your mental health as a copywriter

Leanne Woff

Outsourcing – where do I begin?

Kate Toon

Asana for copywriting projects

Donna Webeck

Creating killer real estate copy

Matt Fenwick

Pitching and delivery of consulting services

Andrea Rowe

Working with not-for-profits

Rachel Alt

Financial services copywriting

Matt Fenwick

My Process: Big projects

Donna Webeck

Unlocking a successful career as a real estate copywriter

Estelle Fallon

Tender Writing

Joh Kirby

Communications awards

Marie-Pier Rochon

An introduction to UX copywriting

Sandy Taylor

Website design on a shoestring budget

Eda Utku

LinkedIn makeover to attract the right people to your network

Steve May

The Big Idea

Nicole Leedham

Annual reports

Jay Pitaknen

How to get amazing clients by thinking like a boss

Carla Beth

Introduction to Evernote

Sandy Taylor

How to make the most of Trello

Cal Chikwendu

Writing inclusive copy

Sandra Muller

Writing accessible content

Sandy Taylor

How to make the most of Trello

Jenny De Lacy

Writing winning video scripts

Matt Fenwick

Intro to card sorting

Nerissa Bentley

How to woo big scary clients

Amy Wyhoon

Facebook ads copy

Fiona Johnston

Know and grow your numbers

Stephanie Campenella

Nail your niche

Ally Moates

Canva tips and tricks

Amy Posner

Lead gen funnels

Dan Pinne


Nell Casey

Nell Casey

Subbing vs staff

Amanda Vanelderen

Pitch perfect: win more jobs

Nerissa Bentley


Kate Merryweather

Press releases

D.P. Knudten

Social media for copywriters

Matt Fenwick

Ux made easy

Free Templates

Who doesn’t love a fab freebie. The minute you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the following.

Blog Post Copywriting Template

Competitor Overview

Competitor Website Review

Copywriter Basic Invoice Template

Copywriter Basic Invoice Template

Copywriter Budget Spreadsheet
Copywriter Content Planning Template

Copywriter Content Planning Template

Copwriter Goal Setting Template

Copywriter Mojo Tips
Copywriter Project Revisions Brief

Copywriter Project Revisions Brief

Copywriting Mantras
Copywriting Project Specifications Template Free

Copywriting Project Specifications Template

Copywriting Work in Progress Template

GST Charging Email Template
Lick that Frog Tracker
Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Guidelines

Profit First: Australian Low Fee Banks
Profit First: Bank Allocation Cheat Sheet
Profit First: Finance Tracker Template
Word Swap Chart

I’ve always believed that we should see other copywriters as our colleagues not our competitors. I wanted to encourage all copywriters to connect and share ideas, tips and know-how.

Kate Toon | Head CopyBeast

Meet me Kate Toon

I’m a word beast at heart. And wanted to be a writer since I was a tiny Toon. But like many of my members, it took a while for me to be able to shout I AM COPYWRITER, with pride and confidence.

I started life in events in the UK, moving into Digital Production (working on big brands like Marks and Spencer), then I packed my backpack and hopped over to Australia, where I scored a role in Ogilvy’s nascent Digital Marketing department.

I then took a 75% pay cut to become a copywriter, working on some amazing brands including American Express, ING Direct, Telstra, QANTAS, Pizza Hut and oodles more.
Then I went back to the UK as Microsoft’s main copywriter, moving into email marketing at O2, then working at
Back in Australia, I finally took the plunge into freelance copywriting at 5 months’ pregnant.
Within a year I’d matched my fancy agency job salary and had clients lining up like fans at an Ed Sheeran concert.

I’ve worked hard to create a hugely successful copywriting business that’s given me a great lifestyle.

I’ve helped countless small businesses and huge corporates such as Kmart, Curash, The RTA, O’Brien Glass, Pedigree Chum and others to improve their copywriting traffic and conversions.

Since leaving agency land to forge my own path, I’ve also worked with thousands of copywriters to help them improve their processes, increase their profitability, automate, create and get found by their ideal customers.

I’m now a successful online marketer with multiple courses, memberships, directories, shops, podcasts, Facebook groups and even an annual conference. And I’m also a published author of multiple genres, a rip-snorting MC and an international keynote speaker – wooing audiences at home, in Europe and New York.

And yep, I share all my business highs, lows and thigh-shudderingly awesome secrets in The Clever Copywriting Community.

As Featured In

As Featured In


Awards November 2022

Meet the ambassadors

Although the Clever Copywriting Community is led by Kate Toon, we have a plethora of other experienced copywriters to support you.

Our ambassadors have diverse skills and are available in the group for questions, they also run regular Masterclasses.


Angela Denly

Angela helps businesses who mean what they say to say what they mean. She was also the very first Member of the Year.

Matt Fenwick

Matt is an expert in working with government and managing large content projects. He’s also a gun on all things information architecture and user experience.

Estelle Fallon

A long-time TCCS CopyBeast and an inaugural member, Estelle is here to help you find the Words That Fit. She’s a tender and SEO Copywriter who’s been writing for business for over 20 years.

Johanna Kohler

Johanna works with local and global business owners to write website words that speak to the heart of their ideal customers. She’s also a keyword research whizz.

Lisa Cropman

One of the original members, Lisa is a creative copywriter and non-fiction editor with a London accent and a Melbourne address.

Nerissa Bentley

Nerissa is best known as the Melbourne Health Writer. She’s also a great example of how to niche and build a successful business without a huge team.

Rashida Tayabali

Rashida Tayabali is a copywriter for female entrepreneurs, features writer and indie author. She helps women in business use the power of clear and concise copy to sell their product or service, all without sounding salesy.

Gary Cooper

Gary is originally from London and now lives in France. He tried to retire once but lacking adventure, it didn’t stick.
Now, as Gary makes additions to his chateau in Mayenne, he rebuilds copy as a ‘word surgeon.’

Helen Sparks

Helen is a launch Copywriter and Sales Strategist helping coaches develop a strong brand message when launching their signature course. She ensures they have a kick-ass funnel that maximises their profit.

Amanda Vanelderen

Amanda specialises in
B2B, government, annual reports and case studies. She’s also the author of Write Better: How To Cut The Crap And Say What You Mean.

Rachel Amies

Rachel helps lawyers and service-based businesses create awesome WordPress websites and write perfect words to boost business and build connections. She’s an ex-lawyer who started her business as a VA before specialising in websites and tech.

Rebecca Cofrancesco

Rebecca ditched her corporate gig and swapped it for freelance life. Embracing her background she has a steady flow of clients from LinkedIn and my financial service niche.  Confidently helping them show up in a way that’s authentic to who they are and not confusing to the people they want to help.

Meet the experts

Kate Toon

Head CopyBeast

While other copywriters talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over two decades experience in all things advertising and digital.

Leanne Woff

Outsourcing Guru

With over 15 years’ experience, Leanne is an award-winning online business manager and bookkeeper. She works with corporates and superstars who run hectic businesses or even multiple businesses. Leanne starts with basic administration, working through to bookkeeping.

Diana Todd

Finance Specialist

Diana Todd is a registered tax agent and the founder of Balance Tax Accountants, an online accounting firm specialising in creative industries. Balance Tax Accountants takes the stress out of tax through systems and education, empowering small business owners to get control of their business finances.

Tony Cosentino

WordPress Expert

Tony is an experienced WordPress specialist who creates smart, efficient, reliable business websites that integrate seamlessly with existing processes and platforms. He takes a professional and friendly, jargon-free approach to website creation, training and support.

I’ve learned so much by connecting with other great copywriters and feel that sharing our highs and lows makes us all better at what we do.

Kate Toon | Head CopyBeast

A global community

Yes, we’re based in Australia, but thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, we have members from all over the world.

Meet the CopyBeasts

Here’s just a snapshot of the CopyBeasts in our community.

To niche or not to niche

We have copywriters who specialise in all different kinds of copywriting, niching by industry, channel, audience or taking a generalist approach:

Feel the love

Don’t just take it from us. Let these eloquent CopyBeasts do the talking.

I’ve landed two copywriting jobs in the 3 months I’ve been part of the community

Joining Kate’s TCCS community was the best investment decision for my business in 2016. It’s a warm and supportive environment made up of zany, creative types who are hilarious. Though I think it’s Kate’s personality that has really made it cosy. I’ve landed two copywriting jobs in the 3 months I’ve been a part of the community and earned back the money tenfold. It’s a genuine community on Facebook, and I love being a part of it. Worth every dollar!

Rashida Tayabali

I joined on Wednesday, and on Friday won a job that not only covered the cost of my membership, but also my Mega Copywriters Pack!

Not only that, but I haven’t felt lonely for a single minute here in my home office. I’ve made new friends and I’ve been able to ask questions and bounce ideas off other people who have been very friendly and supportive. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. Come and join the fun. I promise you won’t regret it.

Phyllis Stylianou

About 3 months into my membership, I landed a job through the directory that paid for the whole year’s membership

Like Kate told me when I was on the fence, it’s only the cost of a coffee per week. But then, about 3 months into my membership, I landed a job through the directory that paid for the whole year’s membership. So now, I can go back to buying my weekly latte that I sip while I hang out with my virtual copywriting besties in the best Facebook group I’ve been in. The support from this tight-knit community alone is worth a lot more than my weekly caffeine dose.

Marie-Pier Rochon

If you’re a copywriter, this is where you need to be..

Without the support and guidance from TCCS, I would have filed my freelancing career under “too hard, not worth the stress, big fat F for fail”. Kate and her Clever Copywriting School are building an army of resilient, skilled-up, business-savvy copywriters who are changing the world one word at a time. If you’re a copywriter, this is where you need to be.

Clare Hastings
Write My Content

I’m now almost 4 years in, and in the 18 months I’ve been a member my revenue has gone crazy.

My prices have gone up, I’m attracting better clients, and I feel much more confident about my offering as a copywriter.

So if you’re thinking about it and you’re not sure, this is the one membership that I would keep if I had to strip back expenses to nothing in my business – I would argue for this til the day I die, it is honestly amazing.

Kate’s presence is so reassuring. She’s been there, she’s done it. All the other members are amazing, they’re just so giving and generous, and you absolutely won’t regret joining.

Nyree Slatter
Well versed NT

Cathy Camera
I can attest to how amazing the TCCS membership is.

My business wouldn’t be where it is today without the knowledge and support gained through the group. It really is unlike other groups – very active and filled to the brim with value. Highly recommend.

Cathy Camera
Construction Copywriter

Wendy Brown
The TCCS membership not only helps you along your journey to become a copywriter or upskill and advance your business if you already are one, it also gives you fantastic resources to support any business owner.

Kate’s processes, content, training videos and templates are invaluable and I think can apply to any business. And then there’s the CopyBeast FB group – full of fun, fabulous, supportive people.

Wendy Brown

Video Testimonials

Your investment

Hiring a copywriting mentor could set you back around $2k a month! But don’t worry.
The Clever Copywriting Community is reassuringly affordable.

GST added for Australian Residents only.


All payment options require a 12-month minimum commitment.

And of course, there’s more!

I can’t help but throw in some bonus content to sweeten the deal.

With these additional resources, you’ll be ready to launch your copywriting career from the start.

The Ultimate Copywriting Process Checklist

Not sure how to start? This step-by-step guide details my process honed over the last 12 years from winning the client through to the testimonial and beyond.

Copywriting Quote Calculator

Not sure what to charge? Work out your hourly rate and then fill in the gaps to develop a project price for any copywriting project.

So, are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re wondering if now’s the right time for you to take a step toward copywriting, I’m going to ask you a question. If not now, when? The sooner you bite the copy muffin, the sooner your belly will be full of copywriting goodness.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be an established copywriter to join?
Not at all. This group for all copywriters, and it will suit anyone who works in marketing. It’s also great for those looking to break into copywriting as a career, or those who would like to learn more about copywriting for their small business.
Can I claim the membership as a tax expense?

As this is a business subscription, it should be a deductible expense. However, we recommend you talk to your accountant about it.

How much time do I have to put into the community?
You can spend as much or as little time in the group as you want. Some members are in the group several times a day. Others dip in every couple of weeks when they’ve got a question they need answered.
Will payments automatically renew?

Yes, all membership options will automatically renew at the beginning of each new billing cycle.

What are the Terms and Conditions?


All payment options require a 12-month minimum commitment.


Monthly Fee: If you join TCCS through the Monthly fee option your credit card will be charged the Monthly fee at the start of your membership and then you agree that your credit card will be automatically charged the monthly fee every month for a minimum period of 12 months.  You can cancel your membership of TCCS at any time once the initial 12-month period has been completed.

Annual Fee: If you join TCCS through the Annual fee option your credit card will be charged the Annual fee at the start of your membership. You will continue to be charged every year until you advise us you’d like to cancel.


The cancellation policy applies to all payment options; monthly, 6-monthly and annual.

You cannot cancel during the first 12 months of your membership. After this minimum period of commitment, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so by emailing


Monthly Fee: You are responsible for full payment of fees for the initial 12-month period of your membership of TCCS. You understand that the fees are non-refundable.

Annual Fee: You are responsible for full payment of fees for the initial 12-month period of your membership of TCCS. You understand that the fees are non-refundable.


You cannot Downgrade your membership (from Annual to Monthly), you can upgrade at any time.

If you choose to leave and rejoin you will pay the current advertised price.

Where payment is in arrears we commit to one email follow-up.
After that, Stay Tooned Pty Ltd reserves the right to transfer the debt to a debt collection agency at Stay Tooned Pty Ltd’s discretion, whereby fees will be payable by the Member.

This could be you

Imagine how it will feel to run a financially successful, fulfilling copywriting business and work from anywhere.

More love from The Clever Copywriting Community

After 25 years in the industry, you’d think I’d know everything, but it turns out I don’t

I joined TCCS for three reasons.
To be part of a group that shares the same joys and challenges as me, to access more work opportunities and to share my years of knowledge and experience with others. The group delivered in spades on all three fronts, and on another that I wasn’t expecting: I’ve learned heaps.
After 25 years in the industry, you’d think I’d know everything, but it turns out I don’t. That’s TCCS – full of (nice) surprises!

Jane Clement

I get access to regular job referrals and advice

The TCCS community provides the important office chit-chat and peer support I would normally miss out on as a freelancer. I get access to regular job referrals and advice (not to mention adorable dog photos), and I’ve found the Copy Shop resources really helpful – why spend hours researching terms and conditions for your client contracts when you can download a template for a very reasonable fee?

Simon Phillips

I have definitely taken my business up a notch (or ten) since joining

So worth it. I have only been a member for a few weeks, but I can already see the investment paying off. This little community is such a brilliant resource for freelance copywriters – allowing us to connect and share ideas, successes and challenges.

Sophia Arthur

Super dooper value in every sense

There are a lot of free online communities around, so you may hesitate at the membership price tag. But I promise that if you join, you will never, ever look back. This community, run by the lovely Kate Toon, is one that refers work, shares genuine thoughts and opinions, and is truly supportive. Whether you have 20 years’ experience or you’re a complete newbie, you’ll learn a boat load from this awesome group.

Andrew Lau
Write My Content

When I joined the Clever Copywriting School I hoped to learn some tips from Kate and the other copywriters and boost my business confidence. I gained much, much more!

I’ve never seen a group host as involved as Kate, she gives generously to her community and cares deeply about us all.

The resources are awesome, I’ve been a member for two years and I’m still working my way through it all. I’ve had job referrals, support from copywriters far more experienced than me, help when I’ve been stuck and so much support. Plus, I’ve made a bunch of friendships which make working solo so much more enjoyable (and less stressful!). Having people to bounce ideas off, ask for advice and laugh over the crazy rollercoaster of business ownership is priceless. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without it.

Thanks Kate and team, love your work!”

Kara Stokes

Real life stories

TCCS Case Study: Diana Ioppolo

TCCS Case Study: Diana Ioppolo

Diana Ioppolo from Ignite Content   Want to know what your life could be like if you joined the Clever Copywriting Community? We’ve asked a few of our members to tell their stories and share their wins since becoming a Copy beast.   Tell us about yourself...

TCCS Case Study: Jake Anderson

TCCS Case Study: Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson from Jake Anderson Copywriter   Want to know what your life could be like if you joined the Clever Copywriting Community? We’ve asked a few of our members to tell their stories and share their wins since becoming a Copy beast.   Tell us about...

TCCS Case Study: Cal Chikwendu

TCCS Case Study: Cal Chikwendu

Cal Chikwendu from Cal Chikwendu Copywriter   Want to know what your life could be like if you joined the Clever Copywriting Community? We’ve asked a few of our members to tell their stories and share their wins since becoming a Copy beast.   Tell us about...


Your investment

Hiring a copywriting mentor could set you back around $2k a month! But don’t worry.
The Clever Copywriting Community is reassuringly affordable.

Want to know the cost in your currency? Use the converter below.
You can change the default amount to any of the various options to be converted to your currency.

Approximate prices in AUD, USD and UK currencies.


All payment options require a 12-month minimum commitment.