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The Blog Post Copywriting Template is an easy to follow guide to help you create interesting, SEO-friendly blog posts for you and your client.


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This Blog Post Copywriting Template is the standard template I use to write blog posts for my clients and for my websites. It’s also the template our members use when they write a guest blog for The Clever Copywriting School.

It’s a simple but detailed Microsoft Word document that holds your hand through each step of writing your post.

Developed by experienced copywriters, this simple template is a ‘paint by numbers’ guide to creating an engaging, SEO-friendly blog post for you and your clients.

It includes:

  • Simple versioning and ownership tables
  • Step-by-step guide to:
    • Writing an SEO-friendly title tag
    • Crafting a meta description that lures in readers
    • Breaking your post up with sub-headers and bolding
    • Determining when and where to use your broad match and exact match keywords
    • Encouraging comments with a snappy closer
  • Annotated template
  • Blank template

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7 reviews for Blog Post Copywriting Template

  1. Lisa Cropman, The Word Nest

    If you want to write well organised blog posts that cover all the SEO bases, there’s no better way than using Kate’s Blog Post Copywriting Template. I’ve written blog posts for clients in the past but since getting this template I’ve found them easier to plan and format and, without a doubt, much quicker to write. My clients have been delighted and I’ve booked 3 blog copywriting packages in as many weeks. In my opinion, there’s no point reinventing the wheel when Kate’s wheel works so well.

  2. Rashida (verified owner)

    Kate’s blog post template is well thought out and perfect for new and even established blog writers and it covers SEO as well. I’ve used it to write engaging and shareable posts for clients and it’s been a pleasure to use!

  3. Bec, The Wordsmith Copywriting

    Just wrote three blogs with Kate’s template. The best thing about it by far is that the template format forced my scattered brain to be completely focused and write a piece that was well structured and persuasive. I’ve submitted my work right on deadline, with every possible element completed. I’m really proud of them, especially from a ‘walking the line between SEO and writing for people’ perspective. My blogs have never felt so finished.

    Not only that, the template format means the final product looks super professional, especially once the photos are in.

    Thanks Kate for providing us with such super valuable resources.

  4. Trish (verified owner)

    Just downloaded this excellent resource. I have several blogs to write for a not-too-sexy product. I’m fine with all the words and subheaders but hadn’t thought about most of the other tips. Thanks, Kate! Now my blogs will look so schmicko the client might give me more work.

  5. Alison (verified owner)

    Excellent template – it covers several things I hadn’t thought of and is set out in a way that enables you to give clients a clear idea of what their blog post includes. It’s my go to template now.

  6. Laura Robinson

    This template really helps with planning our content and utilising keywords effectively.

  7. Diana Smith (verified owner)

    An excellent resource. I’ve just uploaded two blogs to a new client and have another order. The template tips and layout are useful – plus it gives me confidence that I’m meeting the expectations of the role and the client.

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