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Brand story template

(6 customer reviews)

$27.95 AUD

Write a compelling brand story that captures your audience’s attention and creates an emotional response.



6 reviews for Brand story template

  1. AshK

    Creating a brand story can be a complicated and annoying process. But not with this template.
    The easy step by step guide will have you crafting your brand story quicker than a lightsaber goes through metal.
    10 /10 would recommend.

  2. Gary Cooper (verified owner)

    Utterly superb. I’ve struggled with this for years – what to put in, what to leave out, what’s relevant, and what isn’t. This got me focused and lasered in on exactly what I needed – brilliant tool – highly recommend.

  3. LadyJLaw (verified owner)

    I had my brand story swimming around in my head for months! The timing of Kate’s brand story template was genius (my head was starting to hurt). I got that story pinned down in a couple of hours with the help of the template and it reads like a dream. Our uniqueness is our point and this template shows you how to get there…fast.

  4. Nerissa Bentley (verified owner)

    What a wonderfully useful template. This document helps tell your brand story in YOUR voice. No more stilted regurgitations of your CV. The Brand story template will have you telling your back story in a way that will connect with your audience. Buy it – stat!

  5. Cathy Camera (verified owner)

    A thorough template to help you write yours or your client’s brand story.

  6. Kate Crocker (verified owner)

    I love this template. It gives an excellent structure for telling a brand story in a way that’s informative and engaging. The suggested steps are easy to understand and my clients have all loved the results. It beats staring at a blank page wondering where to start!

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