Copywriter Email Templates Pack

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With this bumper pack of Copywriter Email Templates, you’ll never get stuck writing an email again. Covering every situation for a new (or experienced) copywriter, you can add your tone of voice and then cut and paste into your emails.


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Are you new to copywriting and not sure which emails to send when?

Are you struggling with a difficult client issue?

Are you tired of writing the same emails again and again?

Our Copywriter Email Templates Pack includes 27 separate email templates to suit every possible situation.

The templates come in one easily downloadable and editable Word document and includes:

  • Declining a Client Option 1
  • Declining a Client Option 2
  • Declining a Client Option 3
  • Making First Contact
  • Making First Contact (post-call)
  • Follow Up (number one)
  • Follow Up (number two)
  • Proposal
  • Sending the First Invoice
  • Confirming Deposit and Project Start
  • Sending the First Version
  • Acknowledging First Amends
  • Sending the Second Version
  • Acknowledging Second Amends
  • Final Version and Survey
  • Sending the Final Invoice
  • Acknowledging Final Payment
  • Requesting a Testimonial
  • Chasing up Amends
  • Chasing up Amends Again
  • Out of Scope Amends
  • Chasing up Payment
  • Chasing up Payment Again
  • Raising your Prices
  • Dealing with Price Questions
  • Firing a Client
  • Helping out Newbie Copywriters

Tweak these easy-to-use templates to give them your own tone of voice.

Then simply cut and paste them into your emails, save to your draft folder and be ready the next time a tricky email lands in your inbox.

After you place your order, you’ll be sent an email with a link to download the document. It may have gone to your junk mail, so please check carefully.


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9 reviews for Copywriter Email Templates Pack

  1. Angela

    Sick of writing the same emails again and again? I was too, so I bought this set of emails and it is fantastic. Covers off a bunch of things I hadn’t even thought of too. Great investment!

  2. Claire (verified owner)

    These templates are worth their weight in gold. They’ve helped move me from being a far too friendly copywriter to becoming a professional copywriting business. Use them to set and manage client expectations. Better still, to help you get paid faster. Thanks, Clever Copywriting School!

  3. Nerissa Bentley (verified owner)

    Whether you’re a newbie or an ‘older hand’ at copywriting, these templates are invaluable. They cover everything you could possibly think of and more. Stop wasting time writing the same emails over and over again. With this document, most of the emails between you and your clients will involve “copy and pasting” while making you look like an expert. Highly recommend.

  4. Claudia Bouma

    Kate Toon has left no stone unturned by covering every possible issue a copywriter might come across. Twenty-six email templates which you can personalise and adapt to your heart’s content for less than $90 is the best business investment you’ll ever make. Great communication is the key to a great business so what are you waiting for?

  5. Donna Webeck (verified owner)

    If you can only afford one thing when starting out as a copywriter then let it be this! Yo will not only save yourself so much time (and we all know time is money!) but also make yourself sound super professional in the process.

    It is a MUST HAVE fellow copywriters! Go on, buy it now!

  6. Anne Maybus (verified owner)

    It was much more cost-effective (and a huge time saver) to buy this pack rather than creating my own standard emails based on the ones I already send. I didn’t have to scratch my head and ponder what to include or leave out. It was all done for me and done brilliantly. If you want to look like the professional you are, you need this pack.

  7. Elizabeth Fabri

    Jam-packed full of value! – I purchased these email templates when I first started. The done-for you templates are so helpful and practical. Especially when it comes to awkward topics like pricing, payment and quoting. I recommend any newbie (and experienced) copywriter have these templates in their toolkit. Thanks Kate :)

  8. Antoanela Safca (verified owner)

    I was struggling with what to say, how to say it, when to say it. I used to waste sooo much time stressing about the right thing to say. Kate’s email templates have given me a great starting point. But most importantly they have given me the confidence that I sound like I know what I’m talking about (almost). And of course – they have saved me time, so much time. Do yourself a favour and consider investing in them.

  9. starset (verified owner)

    Talk about awesome! This group of templates will cya with your clients and keep them amazed at how well you can communicate. Just don’t leave home with your laptop for a coffee shop, shared space or the wide blue yonder without them. They’re the best thing since Nespresso!

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