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Copywriting Referral Agreement Template

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A professional Referral Agreement template that helps you to refer on work that you either don’t want to – or can’t – do, to other copywriters.



Occasionally, a job comes along that either isn’t quite the right fit, or that you just don’t have time to squeeze in. So how about referring it on to another copywriter?

Often copywriters have a referral arrangement, where they take a small percentage of the job in return (this ranges from around 5-20%).

This Copywriting Referral Agreement template covers:

  • How the referral agreement will work
  • What services are covered
  • Who’s responsible for what
  • How payment of the referral fee will work
  • How the agreement can be terminated

This simple Copywriting Referral Agreement template is a great way to share the copy love around, and make a little passive income at the same time. It also helps your potential client find a trustworthy, talented writer when you’re not available.

Please note:  This document was created by a Contract Lawyer, however we do not claim to be legal experts and take no responsibility for the legality of this document in your country.
We recommend discussing your document with a lawyer if you have legal questions.

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