How to Write a Copy Deck Course

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Learn how to write a professional copy deck that wins you more clients and makes your copywriting life easier.


45-minute training video with downloadable notes


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Copy decks are amazingly useful tools, but only when you know how to write them! In this video training course from professional copywriter Kate Toon, you’ll find out how to write professional copy decks that help you win more clients, look more professional and make your life easier.

This course includes a 45-minute video training course with downloadable notes. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the most important copywriting tool you’ll ever find
  • What copy decks are, and why they’re important
  • What a copy deck should include
  • A complete step-by-step tutorial on how to use our Copy Deck template
  • Kate Toon’s 5-step copywriting process
  • How to handle feedback

After purchase, head to the secure members area, where you can watch the training video and download the notes.

You’ll have ongoing access to the course materials for a year after purchase.


Australian customers will be charged GST.

3 reviews for How to Write a Copy Deck Course

  1. Johanna (verified owner)

    I’d highly recommend The Clever Copywriting School’s Copy Deck Template and How to Write a Copy Deck Course to all copywriters. You get so many tips not only on how to write a copy deck, but great ideas on website layout and best practice processes to get the information you need from your client without tearing your hair out. A vital tool in my copywriting kit.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    The How to Write a Copy Deck video course would be enormously helpful to a person who has never seen a Copy Deck or unsure how to use one. Kate Toon speaks in an engaging way. She’s upbeat and her friendly voice is easy to listen to. For all the information, tips and tricks you’re getting, the pricing is extremely reasonable. I’d highly recommend taking this video course if you’re keen on advancing your copywriting skills.

  3. Nerissa Bentley (verified owner)

    What’s a copy deck? I had no idea either until I did this course. But now I feel confident about my ability to write one, and to deliver just what the client needs. The downloadable notes that accompany the course are also extremely useful.

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