Copywriter Project Revisions Brief

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Use this handy Copywriter Project Revisions Brief to provide feedback on the copy, rather than line by line edits.


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Wouldn’t it be easy if all projects ran smoothly? Well of course they don’t.

And one of the biggest challenges most copywriters have is scope creep.

You agreed to work on x,y and z, but now the client wants ‘a few quick changes to b’ and ‘could you just look over p’.

Before you know it, you’ve done twice the work you agreed to and you’re wondering why you’re not making a profit and feeling totally burned out.

Instead of suffering through that again, set up this Copywriter Project Revisions Brief as part of your processes.

This document is super useful for clients who have:

  • Asked for additional work that was not included in the proposal (new pages etc.)
  • Changed the tone of voice halfway through the project
  • Changed the messaging or offer halfway through the project
  • Run over discussion time.

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1 review for Copywriter Project Revisions Brief

  1. Kathy Rast

    Yep, I’ve used it, and this is what I discover:

    A very easy to overlook template to have in your arsenal of copy tricks and treasures.

    Scope creep, budget pressures, time blow out. As much as we would like an over-the-counter cream for this, alas, it’s not that easy, but it can be easier with this template.

    If you have said, ‘Nah, this doesn’t happen to me.’ You can feel pretty confident that it’s totally happening to you—especially on the bigger jobs when clients learn about what they need along the way.

    This nifty little template lets everyone slow their roll for long enough to stop, look about, and draw a new tone, scope line, or an even better outcome and line up the budget to match.

    Copywriting is a funny moving beast (as all good Copybeasts know) and this template makes it easy for ourselves and our clients to stay on the same moving path. These important questions shape the strongest outcomes.

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