Tone of Voice (TOV) Copywriting Template

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The extremely comprehensive Tone of Voice (TOV) Copywriting Template includes everything you need to create a consistent TOV guideline for your client’s brand.


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This Tone of Voice (TOV) Template includes everything you need to create impressive TOV guidelines for your client, covering:

  • A positioning statement
  • Features and benefits
  • A customer avatar outline
  • Brand personality guides
  • Tone guides
  • General writing guides
  • Formatting and structure guides

It’s a 38-page document packed with notes and examples to help you understand the process of creating a TOV document.

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13 reviews for Tone of Voice (TOV) Copywriting Template

  1. Katherine Pranic

    If you’re a copywriter this is definitely one document you’ll want in your arsenal of templates. It’s jam packed with everything you need to nail that TOV document and will save you so much time too. A must have!

  2. Katherine

    Don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel because Kate Toon has already done it (and better). This is the most comprehensive TOV document I’ve ever seen and is complete with pre-filled supporting info that your client will love (and will make you look awesome). Worth every cent. In fact, way more. Highly recommend this for any copywriter wanting to add to their copy tool kit – it’s a brilliant upsell and/or value-add for your clients. LOVE IT.

  3. Angela (verified owner)

    I’ve just bought this template and after spending 10 minutes looking through it, I already know that it will pay for itself again and again and again. With a clear and comprehensive structure, this template will allow you to create tone of voice guidelines for your clients and communicate those in a concise and easy to follow way. I only wish I’d had such a great template available for past tone of voice/messaging projects. Future clients should be super-stoked, you’re going to get way more bang for your buck now!

  4. Lisa (verified owner)

    As with all of Kate’s templates, the TOV doc is comprehensive and super easy to use. For copywriters it’s an absolute steal – a valuable resource that will help you develop tone of voice for clients with ease, and a lucrative upsell item to add to deliverables. For start ups and businesses writing their own copy, this template will become a key asset as you develop your brand. Thanks again Kate – another winner!

  5. Amanda Vanelderen (verified owner)

    Brilliant resource. Don’t start with a blank page, Kate has given you the structure you need to build a fantastic TOV document or branding guideline. Great investment and has paid for itself time and time again!

  6. Claudia Bouma (verified owner)

    This Tone of Voice template is one of my favourites as it makes creating brand guidelines so simple and enjoyable. Clients love the practical tips and easy-to-follow structure while the completed TOV document can be given to any copywriter as it incorporates absolutely everything that is needed to write any piece of copy.

    This is an absolute must-have for any serious copywriter.

  7. Nerissa Bentley (verified owner)

    This document is the BOMB! It’s one of my go-to documents when working with small businesses, start-ups or organisations that need a little help in defining their branding. All of my clients who have engaged me to write TOV documents have raved over how detailed and useful this document is, which makes me look really great! And the extra bonus is that when your client has such a detailed TOV, it makes your job of nailing the copy that much easier.

    If you haven’t added this to your copywriter toolbox, do yourself (and your clients) a favour and get it. I guarantee you won’t have buyer-regret with this one.

  8. Kate Merryweather (verified owner)

    What a bonza of a template. It has all the fundamentals of essential elements of a tone of voice, yet it’s flexible enough to be primped and prodded to suit particular clients or industries. I love that includes the bigger picture ‘why’ side as well.

  9. nellcasey (verified owner)

    Impress the socks off of clients and agencies alike with the Tone of Voice Template. They’ll love how comprehensive their TOV guide is. You’ll love how quick it is to pull everything together. Add your own branding and *tada* you’re a professional now, my friend.

  10. Cathy Camera (verified owner)

    The must-have template for all copywriters. Whether you’re looking to work out a client’s tone of voice for writing a particular piece of copy, or offering this guide as a stand-alone service, it really is priceless. So thorough and will help you present information in a professional way. Clients are impressed by it and to hear they are using it with other contractors like videographers to make their life easier is music to my ears. Highly recommend.

  11. Wendy Brown (verified owner)

    On Sunday afternoon, while I was working, I found myself distracted by TCCS copy shop. I have a few of the templates, which are all of premium value.
    I couldn’t resist any longer and clicked on the Tone of Voice template to buy. Woah, the first thing I noticed it was 36 pages long. I wanted to speed read through it, which I did. My mind pretty much had a glitter explosion of happiness (and I hate glitter!).
    If I liked sweets, I would say I was like a kid let loose in a sweet shop, but as I don’t, I likened it to when you are reading a book that you can’t put down and continue to read at the traffic lights and into the early hours of the morning.
    It is a step-by-step treasure and a template I will use a lot. If it weren’t digital, I would wear it out.
    After the guttering news that Copy Con isn’t going ahead, I’ve realized I now can use some of my refund to buy some more templates.
    Thanks Kate for sharing your brilliant resources. I’ll be heading back to the shop soon.

  12. Caitlin Wright (verified owner)

    I love this template. I’ve used it for a heap of TOV documents, from anything from marketing companies to medical practitioners.

    Every client has been super impressed with the detail and thought that goes into it, which is thanks to this easy to use template.

    It’s paid for itself again and again.

  13. Anna Mezhina (verified owner)

    When I’ve got a project to write a copy for a new disability care provider, I knew the Tone of voice would benefit them. As a new start up and quite a big company, they needed to create a recognisable tone and message throughout all their marketing materials. I followed the content during the interview and the clients loved it. It helped them to articulate the brand message and was an absolute germ for me to create the TOV and write the copy for the website. Basically, it was all written in TOV ;-) I’ve got another project with the same client because the TOV challenged them but helped to create a clear and consistent brand message. If you want to become a TOV master or need it for a project, it will save your time, look professional and open new opportunities.

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