Website Copy Project Planner and Tracker

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Keep all your website copy projects on the rails with this intuitive planner and tracker.


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Working on a new website copy project is challenging enough without a client throwing you constant curveballs, adding on new work, or simply not mentioning entire pages of their website.

That’s why I’ve created this Website Copy Project Planner and Tracker.

Now you can track project details, any extra work you think they might need but didn’t think to ask for (hello, SEO), and what needs to be added to the bill.

Best of all: it’s multipurpose.

Use it to hammer down all the details before sending a proposal, share an online copy to keep the client updated and use it to brief a designer or programmer.

This Excel spreadsheet includes:

  • Step-by-step ‘How to’ instructions
  • A filled-out example planner for demonstration
  • Blank Website Copy Project Planner spreadsheet

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  • Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
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