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Wobbly Jim and a Parrot Named Sue Mega Bundle

$99.95 AUD

Get 10 copies of the book (that’s birthday presents sorted for the next few months!)


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The Ultimate Pirate Tale!

Small friends can make big allies. Wobbly Jim is the tale of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee. His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship, loyalty and adventure.

Once there was a pirate and his name was Wobbly Jim.
He used to have two legs but a shark took one from him.
So now his leg is wooden and it doesn’t fit quite right.
He polishes it with honey, then takes it off at night.
Jim sails the mighty oceans on his boat, ‘The Merry Cow’.
It’s painted black and white, and has udders on the bow
He eats barnacles for breakfast and has seaweed for his tea.
And he washes it all down with a pint of dolphin wee.


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