Copywriter Work In Progress Tracker

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Struggling to keep track of your copywriting projects and enquiries? This simple but effective Copywriter Work in Progress Tracker can help.


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Do you struggle to keep track of your copywriting projects?

Are you reluctant to sign up for some expensive, fancy-pants online tracking app?

If so, this simple, tried-and-tested Work in Progress Tracker is for you.

Developed in agency land, this spreadsheet is how agency producers keep track of all their copywriting jobs.

It includes:

  • Tab 1: Template instructions – A quick guide to using each tab
  • Tab 2: Client tracker – so you can plan every step of your project
  • Tab 3: Enquiries tracker – so you can see how many clients you’re getting, where they come from, and how many you convert
  • Tab 4: After-care tracker – helps you to remember to request testimonials, post them, and then send your client a big, fat thank you

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3 reviews for Copywriter Work In Progress Tracker

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    I’ve historically been a bit haphazard with my project management, relying on notebooks, emails and the like. And that was working fine until I – happily!! – started getting more work. So I sacrificed a cup of coffee, bought this tracker, and haven’t looked back. Life is so much easier with all this information in one place!

  2. Kelly O’Donnell (verified owner)

    I love this ‘already done for you’ template. The hard part has been done and using it is a breeze. Rather than everything being all over the place in emails and in my whiteboard. Be more organised in project tracking with this neat template.

  3. Claudia Bouma (verified owner)

    How on earth did I manage my copywriting business without this simple, but effective, template? With the click of a button I have instant access to my client’s contact details, their past and current projects as well as more detailed information to ensure a personal touch in all of my communication. Not to mention the fact that this Work in Progress Tracker helps me plan my day and really does keep me on track. An absolute must for every copywriter!

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