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Meet the best copywriters in the business.

From newbie copywriters starting out in business, through to experienced copywriters, content writers, editors and proofreaders, the Clever Copywriting Awards, founded by the Clever Copywriting School, is an opportunity to celebrate the hard-working copywriters who fly under the radar when it comes to major award programs.

In a ceremony at the Kirribilli Club in Sydney, the winners of the six categories were announced and celebrated. More than 100 copywriters and content marketers came together to celebrate the work that goes into establishing a successful copywriting business. The panel of judges for The Clever Copywriting Awards consisted of experienced copywriters from a wide range of industries, all of whom are ambassadors for The Clever Copywriting School.

Kate announces finalists

In agency life, I entered and won a few copywriting awards, but as a freelancer, it just didn’t seem that the playing field was truly fair.

I wanted to create an award that rewarded the quiet achievers, the hard-working, small copywriting business owner and the flexible freelancers.

And so, the Copywriting Awards was born. It’s been a huge learning experience, and I’m so proud of our winners.

Copywriter of the Year 2022, Caitlin Wright, who writes for industries focused on care, won the night’s most illustrious category, saying:

’As a sole trader, sometimes you wonder whether you’re making the right decisions in your business and in your work. To be chosen by the Clever Copywriting School as Copywriter of the Year 2022 is an amazing feeling. Not only am I incredibly honoured, but it inspires me to
continue to do great work for my clients and be the best freelance copywriter I can be.’

Caitlin stood out for her business smarts in growing her business – getting clear on their niche, building a strong client network, and working with clients aligned with her values. She’s learned that she can’t do everything independently, has practised asking for help and has set clear boundaries. She’s also built an excellent reputation as an amazing writer, bringing years of journalistic experience to her copywriting.

Caitlin Wright


Advocate, journalist and copywriter Zoe Simmons was named the Diversity and Inclusion Champion in recognition of her continued efforts around inclusion and advocacy.

Zoe says, ‘Winning means so much to me. I never thought I’d develop a life-changing nerve disorder and live with chronic pain and fatigue from such a young age. It was really hard. I thought I’d never be able to achieve anything ever again. But clearly, I can! It is such a fantastic feeling that I can use my lived experience as a disabled woman to make a difference. I’ve never felt more passionate about anything in my life.

I’m very proud that I can use words to not only help my clients as a copywriter, but to raise awareness, smash stigma, and create change for the disabled community through my journalism, speaking gigs, and advocacy. I’ve cried a lot of happy tears to have this recognition–but that’s obviously not why I do what I do.’

Zoe confidently demonstrates values of diversity and inclusion in her work and life. Inclusion is the main driver for both the way she runs her business and the work she does.

Zoe is ‘out in the trenches’, pushing for greater understanding and inclusion and using her lived experience to champion diversity needs and issues.

Zoe Simmons and Judges


The winner of Content Writer of the Year 2022 went to Clare Hastings

Clare shows us the power of niching. She has a consistent marketing presence (on autopilot), has grown her business with only eighteen hours a week, and is often booked out months in advance. She sees the secret to her success not because she’s a great writer, but because she makes it easy for her clients to get projects done.

Here’s what Clare had to say about her win:

‘I spend most of my time happily tapping away at the keyboard, writing content for other people to put their name to. So it feels incredible to have my name on something and to be recognised for the hard work that goes into building a content writing business.’

Clare Hastings



Congratulations again to the winner of Proofreader of the Year 2022: Tanja Gardner

Tanja stood out for her commitment to proofreading as a specialist service and her understanding of why details really matter. She also demonstrated a great commitment to delivering exceptional work, and recognizes that helping clients with aligned values has enabled her to grow her business. It means she’s been described as – ‘blisteringly good at what she does’ and ‘easy to work with’.

Here’s what Tanja had to say about her win: ‘I’m honestly not sure what to say – perhaps just that I’m delighted to have won and that it’s a huge honour, especially given the high calibre of all the other people on the shortlist.

Although many people think of proofreading as being nitpicky about comma placement and unduly obsessed with consistency, it’s really about making the reading process as smooth and seamless as possible. And that, in turn, means the writer can achieve their goals for the writing more effectively.’

Tanja Cardner


The Best New Business category was for copywriters who were less than two years into running their own business and was highly competitive, with Nicole Sergi from Copy with Nicole being named as the winner

‘I was over the moon to win Best New Business. So much work has gone into establishing my business; to be acknowledged by copywriting powerhouses that I respect so much was really heartening. Being a copywriter can be a lonely game but being part of a community that is supportive, inspirational and wacky in equal measure makes the days spent at your computer much more fulfilling.’

The Panel said Nicole’s entry stood out – written with personality, she used storytelling to make her entry shine and showed how she’d gone from rock bottom to building a thriving, booked-up business in eighteen months. She’s established clear systems and processes, built strong client relationships and factored her own well-being into her business – to prevent the dreaded burnout. Nicole’s also already using her business to do good – giving back to causes that she values, and we loved that she loves running her business and is embracing that it’s made her unemployable.


The winner of Editor of the Year 2022 was Mary Cameron

Mary stood out to the judges for her ability to accommodate life’s unexpected turns in her business. She has a very human, very personal marketing approach, a great project management system and a fantastic communication method with her clients.

Here’s what Mary had to say about her win:

‘Well, winning was certainly a gosh wow, gobsmacking surprise! I was in a prestigious company as a finalist, and winning came completely out of the blue – I’m honoured and pleased as punch.

The Clever Copywriting School has supported and inspired me for the best part of a decade. Kate Toon has nudged and nurtured me through every stage of creating my thriving freelance business. I’m beyond grateful to her and her group of ferociously talented editors and copywriters.’

Mary Cameron

A big congratulations to this year’s Member of the Year 2022 winner, Cathy Camera

In my Clever Copywriting community, there are squillions of talented, kind and creative CopyBeasts ready to jump in and help each other out.
Each year I take a vote in the group to choose the Member of the Year.

This is a member who has been helpful to others, inspiring and embodying the spirit of community and awesomeness.

Here’s what her fellow CopyBeasts had to say:

‘I’ve watched Cathy grow in confidence and in her business. She’s making a solid effort in stepping out of her comfort zone to market herself across socials.’

‘Cathy is very active in the group, providing helpful advice to others while also sharing her own business-related struggles. She has become someone I like and trust in the group; a fantastic role model.’

Winning the Member of the Year award was really special.

A quote from Cathy ‘Knowing it was an award voted by my peers, whom I respect so much, gave me a huge confidence boost. It feels nice to know I’ve helped people and made a small difference.’

Cathy Camera


Our winners were presented with glorious praise and prizes.

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A stunning glass trophy, an annual subscription to Hnry for their business, and a year of membership to The Clever Copywriting School – a membership for copywriters with courses, resources, training, a jobs board and a collaborative community.

Once again, a huge congratulations to all our incredible award winners. We are thrilled to be able to recognize your brilliant work.