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How to take customers from ‘not sure’ to ‘hell yes’ and make oodles more sales!

Most of us don’t want to sell. Because we’re scared we’ll be like this dude.

Some white-toothed, shiny-suited, smooth-talking git.
But here’s a surprise.
People want to buy stuff.

And if we have something that people need in their lives, something that’s going to help them solve a problem, fulfil a need, or satisfy a desire, we shouldn’t be shy about that.

In The Clever Copywriting Sales Page Course we’ll give you the tips and tactics on how to pump out powerful sales pages that genuinely deliver.

You’ll get


Learn how professional copywriters create winning sales pages.


Plan your sales page by answering the crucial questions to get you started.


A detailed visual structure and checklist to ensure nothing’s missing from your sales page.

Copy Deck

A comprehensive annotated copy deck to make completing your sales pages as easy as falling off a money-covered log.


Watch over the shoulder of Australia’s favourite copywriter, Kate Toon as she writes a real-life sales page.


Bonus resources including glossaries, CTA examples, shopping lists and more.

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