The best Sales Page Copywriting Course

to write your
sales page?

Learn how to turn customers
from ‘not sure’ to ‘hell yes’
and make oodles more sales!

Want to sell more stuff
but writing sales copy
makes you queasy?

I get it. When I moved from just copywriting to selling courses, memberships and templates, I was a bit fearful of writing sales pages.

Because no one wants to come off as a cheesy, white-toothed slimy salesperson. Right?

But without a solid sales page, all my hard work creating these wonderful products and services would have been a big fat hairy waste of time. So I rolled up my copy sleeves, shoved my preconceived ideas about selling down the back of the sofa cushions and got stuck in.

Since then, my sales pages have earned me over 3 million dollars. Yep, 3 million smackeroos. I have to pinch myself (not too hard) to believe I just wrote that.

And in The Clever Sales Page Copywriting Course, I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.


14 page Sales
Copywriting Work book

Easy to follow training videos

Detailed Paint-By-Numbers templates

Visual guide for layout
and structure

Over the shoulder walk through

Start generating more
moolah for your business

Over the years I’ve written more sales pages than, well most other copywriters. For big fat corporates and small business brands.

But the biggest proof of the pudding?

The sales pages I’ve written for myself.

The sales page for The Recipe for SEO Success alone has delivered over 3 million dollars in revenue. And of course, there’s also the pages for my memberships, freebies and more.

But I know for most normal humans writing a sales page is pretty daunting, and that’s why I created this course. I’ve spent over 10 years making courses, resources, templates and training that help make copywriting easier.

And now I’m ready to help you.

Imagine if you could start selling more
of your products or services today,
with just one page?

Look I know we’d all love to hire an amazing copywriter to create our copy, but let’s be honest we don’t all have the cash.
And sometimes even if you do hire a professional, the copy can sometimes feel a little meh. It just doesn’t sound like you.

Here’s how it works

Step 1:
Watch the enjoyable training videos to learn how sales pages work.

Step 2:

Use the detailed work book to plan out your sales page and answer the crucial questions.

Step 3:

Start writing your sales page with our simple, paint-by-numbers copy template.

Step 4:

Use the checklist and visual guide to check your sales page has all the essential elements.

Is sales copy the same as conversion copy?

Yes, conversion copy is about moving people to take action. And while this can be signing up to a thing, or downloading a different thing, mostly it’s all about sales.

Conversion copy is just a fancy term for selling stuff with words.

Who’s it for

So, are you going to enjoy the juicy goodness of The Clever Sales Page Copywriting course? I reckon you will if you’re:

A copywriter wanting to start writing lucrative sales pages for your clients.


A business owner looking for a step by step, paint-by-numbers, easy peasy guide to writing winning sales copy.

An Entrepreneur needing to start turning their subject matter expertise into cold hard cash.

Who’s it not for

Snake oil sellers looking for a quick fix to sell their crappy products.

All the goodies

So, this ain’t one of those rubbishy training courses where you get 1 flimsy word doc and a boring 21-minute video.
No way, José. (And also, not on your Nelly)

Sales page
work book

Work through the 14-page work book to help you plan your sales page and answer crucial questions.


Use the detailed paint-by-numbers template to help you write a super sales page.

Sales page
Work through this shopping list to collect all the images, graphics and other resources you need to create your sales page.
Sales page
Use the checklist to make sure you’ve covered off all the critical elements of a winning sales page.
Sales page
If you’re struggling to imagine how all your brilliant words will actually look on the page, this image will help you visualise your new sales page.

Target Audience Worksheet

Dig deep into your target audiences to fine their beliefs, fears and deepest desirces.

Branding Worksheet

Decide your brand values, personality and work out what makes you special!

Chances are this course will be full of new terminology. Keep this glossary handy and you’ll be sounding like a pro in no time.
Sales page
A list of the best sales page and copywriting tools out there.

Sales page

29 videos covering every aspect of writing your sales page. And you’ve got lifetime access so you can do a quick refresher whenever you need it.


Watch Kate as she creates a sales page before your very eyes.
See how the elements to a great sales page work in real life.

But I’m not a copywriter?
Can I still do this course

Yes. A big fat furry YES.
I’ve have turned many a word challenged business owner into a powerful writer.
With paint-by-numbers templates, detailed explanations, examples samples and walk throughs,
I’ll leave no verb unturned, no noun unfondled.

You got this. And I’ve got you, too.

You could pay me $10k+ to write you a sexy sales page,
or you could learn to write it yourself

About your teacher

While other copywriters talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’m a word beast at heart. And wanted to be a writer since I was a tiny Toon. But like many of my members, it took a while for me to be able to shout I AM COPYWRITER, with pride and confidence.

I started life in events in the UK, moving into Digital Production (working on big brands like Marks and Spencer), then I packed my backpack and hopped over to Australia, where I scored a role in Ogilvy’s nascent Digital Marketing department.

I then took a 75% pay cut to become a copywriter, working on some amazing brands including American Express, ING Direct, Telstra, QANTAS, Pizza Hut and oodles more.

Then I went back to the UK as Microsoft’s main copywriter, moving into email marketing at O2, then working at Back in Australia, I finally took the plunge into freelance copywriting at 5 months’ pregnant.

Within a year I’d matched my fancy agency job salary and had clients lining up like fans at an Ed Sheeran concert. I’ve worked hard to create a hugely successful copywriting business that’s given me a great lifestyle.

I’ve helped countless small businesses and huge corporates such as Kmart, Curash, The RTA, O’Brien Glass, Pedigree Chum and others to improve their copywriting traffic and conversions.

Since leaving agency land to forge my own path, I’ve also worked with thousands of copywriters to help them improve their processes, increase their profitability, automate, create and get found by their ideal customers.

I’m now a successful online marketer with multiple courses, memberships, directories, shops, podcasts, Facebook groups and even an annual conference. And I’m also a published author of multiple genres, a rip-snorting MC and an international keynote speaker – wooing audiences at home, in Europe and New York.

As featured in:

Kate Toon is Australia’s favourite copywriter and is asked to speak at events all over the world about her mad copywriting skills.

Big brands and small business

Kate Toon has written for large and small businesses in Australia and overseas.


So this is a brand new course, and therefore eep, we don’t have testimonials specifically about this course. But because Kate’s been teaching copywriting to members of the Clever Copywriting Community for many, many years, we do have testimonials about her awesome training skills and fabulous templates.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Kate Crocker
The Clever Copywriting School’s Sales Page Course is brilliant. Kate Toon’s signature ability to combine detailed instruction with sparkling clarity is once again on show in this practical course.

It steps through all aspects of sales page writing with logical structure, engaging videos, course notes, and exceptional resources. Regardless of the value of your client’s product or service, this course will give you all the knowledge you need – including a sales page copydeck template – to confidently write a best-practice sales page. I’ve loved working through the course, and I’m delighted to now offer an additional service to my clients. So, if you’re thinking about delving into the world of sales page copywriting, my best advice is to sign up now.

Kate Crocker | Kate Crocker Copywriter

Gary Cooper
Without a doubt, if you’re not experienced in it, sales is, hands-down, the most difficult type of copywriting you’ll ever have to do.

You can look up facts and figures for a blog post, use quotes in a bio, and charts and graphics in white papers – but sales – sales is ju-ju magic to the uninitiated. Hitting that fine line between desperation and hard-ball takes years to master and a lot of frog kissing to hone.

It’s the kind of writing that keeps you up at night because it demands results and that’s what your client’s gonna be looking for.

This is where Kate’s brilliant new sales course scores – in her usual, no-nonsense, no-fuss, been there, done it, read the book way, she explains and shows every aspect of planning, drafting and producing winning sales copy born of her own award-winning approach to selling her own courses and products.

And it works – every time. By using the resources here and the templates and information that come with the course you’ll have prospects eating out of your sales copy and turning into clients in droves – whether it’s for you, or you’re writing for your clients. I’ve done a lot of sales courses – and this is outstanding content and value – I learned a lot that was new to me – you’d be crazy not to get this.
Gary Cooper | Gary Cooper

Linden Brown
I recently completed the Clever Sales Page Copywriting Course. I have always struggled to articulate the benefits of my offer and why it can help other people.

I was blown away by the step-by-step approach to the learning. Every part of the process was outlined clearly in video form, along with downloadable working pages, so I could plan my sales page as I went. There’s a walk through, a visual guide and a full layout of how the sales page would flow. And now my product is selling!
I felt confident buying the course because Kate Toon is renowned for her copywriting prowess and the sales-pages she’s written for her businesses have generated over 3 million dollars in sales. So if they are good enough for Kate, they are good enough for me. Practical, easy to follow and suitable for anyone with something to sell.
Leanne Summers

Linden Brown
This is the ultimate sales page course. It will take you from rookie to pro, with easy explanations and a template that you can use over and over again.

Jam-packed with information, including how to lay out sales pages for maximum impact and how to sell without sounding “salesy”. Off the back of this course, I was able to confidently write 6 sales pages for a client that they absolutely loved. Don’t waste time on other courses – grab the best one and set yourself up for success.
Cathy Camera | Cathy Camera

Linden Brown
Your course has lead to not one, but two sales page projects with my ideal client (who so far has been just lovely to work with, too)

You made the writing process so simple with the comprehensive Sales Page Template, I knew exactly what info to put where (and why). And briefing was made easy too. I knew just the right questions to ask my client simply by running through your Sales Page Workbook and answering the questions in there. Endless thanks from a very happy copywriter.
Linden Brown | Copywriter

Linden Brown
Kate’s Sales Page Course pays for itself, just in your thinking and planning time.
From the checklist to the shopping list to the visual layout.

It took hours of mind-numbing overthinking and over-planning out of the job.
The step-by-step instructions in plain language simplified it all even more.
Whether you are a noob or a seasoned professional, the Sales Page course gives you back your time, energy and efforts to spend on the fun stuff… your copy.
Karina McDonald | Connect Copy

Kate’s training style makes learning a joy

Kate’s copywriting courses are bacon savers. I honestly don’t even worry about whether I can tackle a new type of project now, because I know Kate will have a course, template or handy tool to help me nail it. Plus, her training style is effortlessly easy to watch, making learning a joy. Just take my money Kate!
Miranda Parker | The Word Bird Copywriting

Wouldn’t be where I am without her training, templates, tips, tools and golden nuggets

Without a doubt Kate Toon is the dogs wedding tackle, the bees knees, the cats pyjamas of all things copywriting. I wouldn’t be where I am in the copywriting world without her training, templates, tips, tools and golden nuggets. She has it all and isn’t afraid to share it.
Cal Chikwendu | Cal Chikwendu

Kate’s a natural trainer and utterly knowledgeable on all things copy and running a successful business.

There’s zero chance I’d be where I am today in my business if it weren’t for two things:
1. Toon training
2. Toon templates.
Kate’s a natural trainer – utterly knowledgeable on all things copy (and running a successful business!), completely approachable, and an absolute joy to learn from. And her templates? They’ve been worth their weight in whatever is 1,000 times more valuable than gold! Right from the very start, I’ve been able to go out to my clients with emails and documents that look like I’ve been in business for years.

Sarah Heard | Heard Write

Kate’s templates are full of knowledge and make you look professional

Before I had The Clever Copywriting School Tone of Voice template, I thought I was doing OK bumbling along with a summary of my questionnaire I sent to clients… but I wasn’t even close. The extra knowledge and comments Kate adds to all of her templates, as you compile your notes into it, was a big eye-opener. My new clients now sees me as a professional copywriter who knows what they’re doing! Kate always gives quick FB lives when questions are asked in the group that have little nuggets that other leaders don’t usually share.
Shaun Upson | Shauna Upson Copywriter

Your investment

Got a spare $10k lying around? That’s what a top-notch copywriter would charge to write your sales page, but you can learn how to do it yourself for a fraction of that price.

GST added for Australian Residents only.


  • 27 Sales Copywriting videos
  • 7 paint by-numbers Sales Copywriting downloads
  • 29-page Sales Copywriting workbook
  • My special Sales Page Copy Deck
  • Over the shoulder walkthrough
  • Glossary of sales page copywriting terms
  • Useful sales page copywriting tools



  • 27 Sales Copywriting videos
  • 7 paint-by-numbers Sales Copywriting downloads
  • 29-page Sales Copywriting workbook
  • My special Sales Page Copy Deck
  • Over the shoulder walk through
  • Glossary of sales page copywriting terms
  • Useful sales page copywriting tools

3x $277+GST

Get your Bonuses

The Ultimate Guide

Packed with useful advice on how to create the perfect Call to Action for your freebie, paid product, course or membership.

Sales Page Headlines

Packed with useful advice on how to create the perfect Headlines for your freebie, paid product, course or membership.

Live 60 minute coaching call

Spend 1 hour with Kate on a live Zoom call where she can answer all your Sales page copywriting questions.

Isn’t it time you said goodbye to
your sales page fears?

If you’re wondering if now’s the right time for you to take a step toward sales page copywriting success, I’m going to ask you a question. If not now, when? The sooner you bite the copy bullet, the sooner you’ll be soaring to higher sales.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enrol in a course?
Just click the pricing button below the pricing option that best suits you and away you go. The course is open all year round, no waitlists, dive straight in.
Do I get support and mentoring?

Generally, there is no direct live support on this course.

Although occasionally we’ll add a live element to the course, watch out for this!

If you’d like further support to expand your copywriting or digital marketing skills once you’ve completed the course, you can join The Clever Copywriting School or Digital Masterchefs.

Everyone and their monkey has a sales page course or template these days why should I buy yours?

This isn’t just another course or template. It’s a tried and tested formula that has earned over $3 million in the last decade. There’s proof in that there pudding!

You’re getting a library of videos, a huge bundle of resources and access to me. There’s even a chance to be one of the lucky people to have your new sales page reviewed as part of the course.

How long will I have access to the course?
As with all my courses, you’ll get lifetime access, which means as long as the course is live it’s yours. If I ever decide to run for the hills, you’ll be given 6 months access before I shut up shop.
How do I access the course?
As soon as you’ve paid the course registration fee, you’ll be asked to register.
When your registration is complete, you can log into our membership portal.
All material will be available from day dot.
I don’t live in Australia can I still do the course?

Yes, we’ve had students from all over the world take the course and it’s suitable for any English-speaking person (even if English is not your first language).
I use examples mainly from Australia in the course, but the teachings and methods work for all locations.

English is not my first language. Will I struggle?
The course is suitable for any English-speaking person.
Is this course just for copywriters?
No, it’s not. While there will be copywriters who do the course, it’s also suitable for business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to sell their products and services.
Is the course accredited?
The course is not accredited but The Clever Copywriting Stamp of approval is fast becoming known as THE Australian Copywriting Certification.
Will I get a certificate?
Once you’ve completed all the modules, you’ll be able to print a certificate that says you’ve completed the course. You’ll also get a little badge to add to your website. But the real prize is the increase in sales from your new page.
Do I need any qualifications or experience to do the course?
I designed the course for people already working as copywriters, or running their own business. It’s assumed you have a basic grasp of business and digital marketing and understand website basics.
Who runs the course?

The Clever Sales Page Copywriting course is run by me, Kate Toon. I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. I’m originally from the UK but now based just outside Sydney.

I’ve worked with big brands such as eHarmony, Curash and Kmart. And I’ve helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their copywriting and SEO. I’m also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School The Digital Masterchefs and The Recipe for SEO Success, and co-host on the Hot Copy Podcast.

This could be you

Let me paint you a picture with words, not paints cos my artistic skills ain’t all that.

You’ve crafted a sales page that does the hard work for you. It’s clear, creative and comprehensive, leaving no pain point unsoothed.
Now instead of hustling like a mad beast, you can concentrate on serving the customers while your sales page delivers.

Your investment

Got a spare $10k lying around? That’s what a top-notch copywriter would charge to write your sales page, but you can learn how to do it yourself for a fraction of that price.

GST added for Australian Residents only.


  • 27 Sales Copywriting videos
  • 7 paint by-numbers Sales Copywriting downloads
  • 29-page Sales Copywriting workbook
  • My special Sales Page Copy Deck
  • Over the shoulder walkthrough
  • Glossary of sales page copywriting terms
  • Useful sales page copywriting tools



  • 27 Sales Copywriting videos
  • 7 paint-by-numbers Sales Copywriting downloads
  • 29-page Sales Copywriting workbook
  • My special Sales Page Copy Deck
  • Over the shoulder walk through
  • Glossary of sales page copywriting terms
  • Useful sales page copywriting tools

3x $277+GST