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7 Clever Copywriters share their desks

Tidy desk, tidy mind?

I’m not sure I entirely believe in the old idiom, my desk is super tidy but my mind? Not so much.

Others argue that work amid a mess of clutter can actually make you more creative.

I asked some of the members of the Clever Copywriting School to share their desks and bravely they sent in their snaps.

(Oh and no meanness about the messy ones – this is a no judgement zone.)


Kate Toon Desk

Kate Toon
“I clean my desk every morning, it’s a great way to faff around and stop myself doing real work.”



Jodi Gibson desk

Jodi Gibson
“I can only start the day with a tidy desk. By the end of the day it’s a different story.”



Kylie Saunder desk

Kylie Saunder
Always start day tidy. Make sure it’s like this before close door at night. Then by end of day there’s likely to be post-it’s everywhere & notebooks open with ideas jotted down for various projects.”



Matthew Morgan Fenwick desk

Matthew Morgan Fenwick
“NB: the box under my desk is for my hopes and dreams.”



Lisa Cropman Desk

Lisa Cropman
“It’s the only space in my house that my kids and husband don’t get to mess up (only I do!)”



Jenny De Lacy desk

Jenny De Lacy
“I have a thing about apples. I have a collection of them.”



Angely Denly Desk

Angela Denly
“I am a messy desk person! Your desk freaks me out. Too tidy! But I’m very organised in my head and have never missed a deadline in my life.”



Over to you

So how tidy is your desk? Do you find that a cleaner desks makes you a better copywriter? Let us know if the comments below.