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You’re active on LinkedIn, so why not take it to the next level with a LinkedIn Company Page?



A LinkedIn company page may sound ideal for a company listed on the stock exchange. But, in fact, it’s the freelancers who are quietly reaping the rewards from managing their own ‘company.’

Company pages are easy to set up, even if it’s just you. And, not every copywriter has a company page. So not only will you stand out amongst the crowd, but you’ll add a touch of professionalism where you need it.


Why you’re ready for a LinkedIn Company Page

So, you’ve joined LinkedIn, posted a few times, and are steadily amassing 500 connections. You’ve got the perfect profile image, and let’s face it, your copywriting skills came in pretty handy with filling out the profile and bio. It’s just a shame about that ugly little generic box next to your experience.

That can be changed by creating a LinkedIn company page.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only employee, not registered for GST, or started your business yesterday. A LinkedIn company page will give you a professional edge.


Why should a freelancer have a company page?

There are 58 million companies of varying sizes on LinkedIn. But the beauty of LinkedIn company pages is both large businesses, and solopreneurs are given equal opportunities.

Michelle J Raymond, co-author of ‘Business Gold, Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages’ is obviously a firm believer in them.

“Your LinkedIn Business Page adds legitimacy and credibility to your business. When people Google your business name, your LinkedIn Business Page will be one of the first results,”

says Michelle.

Your company page can attract clients by showcasing your work.

“Show the value of your service to your ideal client,”

she says.

Michelle suggests treating your company page as a library for clients to check out how awesome you are. Focus on how your business can solve its unique challenges.



What should you focus on when setting up your business page?

It’s probably obvious, but make sure you don’t leave anything blank.

If you don’t have a logo yet, make one quickly on Canva. Try to have a theme carried across from your personal LinkedIn page to your business pages, such as your logo or brand colours. On Canva you can also create a nice banner.

Under the ‘About’ section, you can add your website, contact details, and even the year your business was founded.

“Pay attention to your page set-up. 100% complete, leads to 30% more weekly views on average,”

says Michelle.


How can you promote your new company page to the world?

Personal pages get more reach than company pages. But you can reach out to your ideal clients and invite them to follow your page.

However, you need to be connected with them first on your personal page. At the moment, you can invite 100 followers a month. But there have been rumours this will go up to 200 invites. You can invite another person within the same month as each invite gets accepted.

“Be consistent and persistent with your content and community building. Base this on the resources you have. It’s more important to play the long game consistently than get overwhelmed trying to create a lot of content and give up,”

says Michelle.

You can also like or comment on a post as your company page. It’s another way to get your brand out there to the masses, where it’s needed.


So, how do you create a LinkedIn Company Page?

  1. Open your LinkedIn personal profile page
  2. Click on the box of nine dots in the top right-hand corner
  3. Scroll down to ‘Create a Company Page +’
  4. Click on the box on the left that says ‘Company’
  5. Fill in the details under ‘Let’s get started with a few details about your company.’

You’re on your way!

I did want to test this by creating the ‘Schnitzel Von Krumb Chicken Breeders Association.’ But to create a company page, you have to agree to the following:

“I verify that I am an authorized representative of this organization and have the right to act on its behalf in the creation and management of this page. The organization and I agree to the additional terms for Pages.”

So, I decided to leave those career aspirations aside.




Creating a LinkedIn company page is free, easy, and gives you a professional touch. Even if you suffer from imposter syndrome, having a company page can give you a massive boost in confidence.


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