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Here’s how to avoid falling victim to online trolls.  

Have you noticed how brutal the online world can be? Say one thing the wrong way and you’ll be slammed. And if you’re lucky, you’ll attract trolls who’ll never let you forget what you said wrong…

But there is one way you can make sure you’ll never fall victim to these evil creatures.

Write human to human (H2H).

As a certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist with DigitalMarketer, who’s been doing this since 2009,  I’m on a mission to rid the boring business world of crap, un-humanised copywriting.

Honestly, we’re all sick of the obvious icky sales pitches that are constantly shoved down our throats. It’s time to connect with humans again.

Let’s put some personality (your personality) back into your copywriting. Copywriting should be telling your story like you’re having a laugh with your mates. Warm copy sells.

Please don’t just view me as just another SEO copywriter.

I’m more like an interviewer, a researcher, a psych explorer, and a word tester way before I write. I help you explore your product/service, extract all those ideas from your head, research your audience, and then help you get your words into the online world.

My favourite copy to write is for blogs, websites, LinkedIn profiles, bios, and product descriptions.

I love any copywriting that involves a conversational style of writing as I love to waffle (I blame the ¼ Belgian in me; I love waffles – and chocolates, and beers…). And my style is witty, yet professional and really keeps people reading.

So if you’re looking for a copywriter who:

  • You can have some laughs with
  • Communicates well with humans
  • Will make you and your business look amazing

then let’s chat. It’s really an easy process and after our initial chat, you won’t have to think about your own copywriting ever again. Imagine a world with no more crap copywriting or yucky trolls…

Contact name
Monique Eddy
I like to write...
Award submissions, Blog posts, Brochures, Emails, Product descriptions, SEO Copy, Slogans and taglines, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Automotive, Charity and NFP, Insurance, Property, Retail, Small Business, Trades
A Virtual Copywriting Rock star

I engaged Mon for one small job and ever since I have been HOOKED. Mon has done my web copy (twice!), LinkedIn profile, countless blogs, award submissions, social posts, printed marketing materials and I am sure there is more! Mon’s copy flows well, matches my Tone of Voice, nails my SEO goals and is just all round fun. She definitely has the whole “smile” thing down pat, every time I get my drafts from her, I am beaming and that isn’t even a lie. If you want to turn your day around, give Mon some copy to write and you’ll be thrilled with what you get back!

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The only copywriter I need!

Monique is an incredible copywriter. She is so organised, thoughtful and clever. She knows exactly how to represent me and my business and I rarely have to suggest edits as they are almost always perfect from the first draft! She knows words and the psychology behind them. She’s the best!!!

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Mon is a superstar

Monique is an absolute superstar when it comes to creating copy. Mon has created amazing copy for me on many occasions and every time I feel like I give her some very basic information and she comes back with amazing copy that I could only have dreamt of. She seriously has a magic wand that turns normal words into magically crafted content. Mon is an absolute superstar and I can highly recommend her services.

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Love the Mon-star!

Early on in my biz, I used Mon to write my bio…  I then got her to write my About Page… And then the rest of my website! I’ve since hired her for a number of clients and whenever I am looking for a copywriter than can combine “behind the scenes” organisation and professionalism, with down to Earth, humourous and storytelling copy, she is always my go-to girl! It was refreshing to find a copywriter that hates icky, obvious, sales copy as much as I do.

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Incredibly talented

Monique is my go-to copywriter. My first project with her, I gave her a tiny bit of background info and she produced the most incredible web copy. Since that project, I have received so many compliments on how clear and concise my website is, and the number of people that have ‘found me on Google’ has dramatically increased. I’d wouldn’t trust anyone else with my copy.

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