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Alison Writely


I’m Alison, the wordy nerd of Alison Writely.

I HATE boring words. And typos. And tripping over sentences. It drives me NUTS!

My mission is to make my clients sound FABULOUS! Or cool. Or awesome. Whatever style is uniquely them.

I take boring words, mundane sentences and jumbled paragraphs and transform them into kick-arse copy that inspires, converts, and WOWS the pants off the audience.

Assuming they’re wearing any pants.

But it’s better than boring the pants off them. Nothing sends a reader scrambling for the vodka shots faster than boring-arse words.

Because putting words on a website is easy right? Anyone can do that!

Keeping an audience engaged on a website, pants or no pants, well, that’s another thing.

But…it’s MY thing!

That’s right, I know how to make web copy entertaining, amusing and totally awesome.

I’m a word nerd who resuscitates dull and lifeless words into lively and engaging stories.

I help transform the wallflower into the bright spark, the party girl, the cool dude.

You know the type? The awesome person sipping Mojitos and the centre of attention at any party.

Because everyone loves Mojitos right?

Contact name
Alison Hockings
I like to write...
Blog posts, Emails, Feature articles, Press releases, SEO Copy, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Arts, Small Business
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