Beth Anne Baldwin

158 Maribyrnong Avenue Kaleen Australian Capital Territory 2617 AU

I love to write about you. My happy place is listening to your business story, your hopes, and dreams, then selling that to your clients. I especially love working with you long-term, writing regular content for your website showcasing your field of expertise to your prospective clients.

My clients are usually micro-businesses run by women for a range of audiences. I would say I am most comfortable writing in a professional casual style, but I can stretch for you too. My clients coined me the copywriter who listens because they loved the way I heard them and captured their essence.

Before I became the copywriter who listens, I was a square peg in the round hole of the Public Service. I have a law degree, a post-graduate certificate in counseling, and life experience as a parent, a tourist, a human who has engaged with the world. I enjoy learning new fields and particularly meeting new people.

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Fashion, Food, Property
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 6.56 km
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