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149 Beardy Street Armidale New South Wales 2350 AU

I’ve been writing for businesses for over 20 years (eek) and specialise in finance, insurance, tech, HR, small business and retail.

I love bringing these topics (some of which, I admit, people perceive to be dull!) to life – insurance, for example, is totally a grudge purchase until you need it and then, boom, it can be life-changing.

I love telling a good story and getting deep into a subject – I’m a long(er) form writer in the main, and while I’m happy to do award submissions and email copy for clients I love, blogs and articles are my sweet spot.

Before turning freelance back in 2018, I was Head of Content at an agency in Sydney for seven years, so am a pro at working with clients and balancing brand and audience needs. After all, it needs to work for the audience if it’s going to work for the brand!



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Martin Wanless
I like to write...
Blog posts, Case studies, Feature articles, Whitepapers
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Engineering and Construction, Human resources, Recruitment, Retail, Technology, Utilities and energy
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