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With a background working in politics and education, I have a broad knowledge and interest in a variety of areas. Living in regional NSW is a strength for me, as I am aware of the issues impacting residents and towns, and am constantly impressed with what is achieved by amazing people outside of metropolitan areas. These stories deserve to be told and I would love to do this, whether it’s a:

  • feature article
  • website
  • media release
  • brochure
  • social media

My previous careers have helped me develop solid writing skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of people. I have been described as a great, easy person to work with, approachable, friendly, someone who listens and is respected among colleagues.

I am learning SEO, so further down the track, I’ll be able to help in this area too. I look forward to adding more skills and being able to help write words that will help clients solve a problem.

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I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies, Feature articles, Press releases, Product descriptions, Social media updates, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Events, Food, Retail, Small Business
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