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269 Keira Street Wollongong New South Wales 2500 AU

There are hundreds of writers in this directory. If you’re looking for someone who can just write words, there are lots of options for you.

But… If you’re looking for someone who:

😊 Loves B2B technology
If it’s technology and you use it in a workplace, chances are I’ve written about it. Topics I love writing about include: analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, cyber security, digital marketing, healthcare technology, hospitality technology, HR tech, IT, productivity, SaaS, recruitment. 

😊 Can speak confidently to experts and leaders
I have a degree in journalism and have spent well over a decade working with subject matter experts and C-suite executives to turn their ideas into content. I love nothing more than tapping into expertise and turning it into content that builds authority.

😊 Makes the process easy
My clients like me for writing their content, but they LOVE me for making the project stress-free.
Here’s what one client said: “Working with Clare is one word…easy. She is professional, does her research behind the scenes, and comes ready to transform our ideas into words.”
 -Catherine Xu, APAC Marketing Manager, Workday

I’ve worked with some of the best B2B tech companies – big and small – to help them build authority.

And *humble brag alert* I was even named Content Writer of The Year 2022 by the good people who run this very directory.

I can help you with:

✅Thought leadership articles
✅Case studies
✅LinkedIn content
✅Guides & e-books 

But…I’m probably not the right person if:

 🤔 You’re looking for a bargain
I’m not the cheapest writer around but I’m guessing your brand doesn’t want to be associated with cheap content

🤔 You need something tomorrow
I only take on a limited number of clients at once which means I normally have a 4-6 week lead time

🤔 You spread vegemite on your toast thicker than a light whisper
OK, this isn’t a deal-breaker but we might need to have some words about your life choices(!!)

If we’re on the same page, I’d love to chat to hear more about your content plans and how I might be able to help.

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Contact name
Clare Hastings
I like to write...
Blog posts, Case studies, Corporate profiles, Emails, Feature articles, SEO Copy, Whitepapers
Other industries I have experience in:
Health, Human resources, Medical, Technology
“Accurate, concise content”

Clare was very good at converting both what I said and the intent behind it into accurate, concise content with a similar “voice”. She asked insightful, open questions and let the conversation flow nicely.

I especially liked her convenient booking system, Clare’s flexibility to speak early or late in the day was great.

Clare was very easy to work with. She did a high quality job, efficiently and I would recommend her without hesitation.

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“If you’re looking for real results from your content, hire Clare.”

I hired Clare to help build awareness for our new mobile app. The guide she wrote was well-researched, flowed naturally and had a high attention to detail. Clare was fantastic at hitting the brief and was extremely professional and flexible throughout the process.

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“Professional and thorough during the entire project.”

I hired Clare to develop some product marketing content, as we didn’t have capacity in house at the time. Clare was professional and thorough throughout the entire project. The content she developed was clear, concise and engaging and she also offered some great recommendations.

I would recommend Clare to other B2B tech companies looking to outsource marketing content.

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“Strikes the perfect balance between digestible and credible”

I’ve worked in the HR space for a long time and have lots of content ideas. I know what I want to write but struggle to put the words together. Clare captured my multiple thought bubbles perfectly.

Clare is great to work with. She is super organised, intelligent and professional. She guided me through the writing process seamlessly, enabling the idea to come to life.

Clare’s writing is considered, evidence-based, and well-researched. She strikes the perfect balance between ensuring that content is both digestible and credible. And she got the tone spot on! It was perfectly written for my audience.

I would recommend Clare to anyone who is passionate about a subject, but doesn’t have the writing skills to deliver it in written form. Clare captures the key themes, bundles them into a logical format, and produces magic.

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“Clare absolutely nailed my tone of voice”

I knew we needed content for our business but always struggled to find time to write and wasn’t much good at it either! Because so much of what we do relies on our own knowledge, I was worried that an outsourced content writer wouldn’t capture the essence of what we do.

Clare absolutely nailed my tone of voice, she totally understood our offering and I didn’t have to keep explaining things – she just got it.

The whole process only required minimal time and input from me and the end result was an engaging article that perfectly captured my ideas.

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“First-class content”

Clare caught my attention through the marketing of her own brand –  it was eye-catching, appealing and make me curious to learn more. As a marketer, I see so much content on a daily basis, it’s rare that something achieves this kind of “cut through” with me.

Clare was wonderful to work with: Highly professional, super-organised, and quick to understand our business and market challenges. She was also good fun! The content Clare produces is first-class. I was genuinely surprised about how little we had to edit due to the high calibre of the initial drafts.

I particularly liked how she made the entire process seamless for not just me, but our subject matter experts who have limited time.

I would recommend Clare without hesitation – she was a pleasure to work with and we walk away with some first-class content.

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5 Stars

When I first spoke to Clare, I had a feeling she’d surpass every expectation I had, and I wasn’t wrong. Clare’s writing is phenomenal, but it’s the time she takes to understand a project inside out, the research, and the clear labour of love that goes into every word choice, that makes her indispensable. Clare’s added so much value to our business in such a short time, I can’t thank her enough.

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“ZERO changes!”

We hired Clare to write some event emails and she absolutely nailed the brief. We have a pretty rigorous review process so for it to come back with ZERO changes was incredible. We’re now making a (very long) list of work that will be keeping Clare busy for a long time.

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“Clare’s work is nothing short of masterful”

The best thing about working with Clare was her efficiency and intelligence. A quick discussion with her led to a clear, accurate, and interesting article that I was proud to be associated with. This was in a technical area that is tricky to understand, and harder still to make into an interesting story.

Clare’s writing was compelling and clear, with a distinctive voice that even sounded like me. I had the distinct impression that I’d actually written the article – even though I knew I hadn’t!

I would definitely recommend Clare as a content writer, she is a pleasure to work with.

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Thank you

We engaged Clare in mid 2021 to write some content for our APAC leaders. Even though we have a global content team, I needed someone who would be hands-on and able to support regional content. It was an added bonus for me that Clare had previously worked in the HR tech industry so knew our landscape incredibly well.

Working with Clare was one word – easy. She is professional, does her research behind the scenes, and comes ready to transform our ideas into words.

Clare’s ability to turn interviews and videos into written content is absolutely brilliant. I love how she is able to create a narrative, and also seamlessly link the story to our product and demand gen messaging which is not always easy!

I particularly liked Clare’s efficiency in not only writing the content, but doing additional background research and thoroughly understanding our product.

I would highly recommend Clare to any B2B company looking to create well thought out, high-quality content. Since working with her, we have extended our initial agreement to continue this relationship and really start growing our regional content. 

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