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What if your copy was cream of the crop?

So good you had potential clients eating out of your hand before they’d even ever hit the ‘Contact’ button?

In fact, they’re downright tempted to lick the screen.

Although there’s no one that loves your business and your brand more than you, and although you’re an infinitely clever businesswoman and perfectly capable of constructing a sentence, there’s an ocean of silence when it comes to getting the words from your heart and mind past the blipping cursor of creative death.

Or those words are just not doing what they’re meant to.

You need Crisp Copy. Because the business world has enough stale words.


“…Jay expressed my brand’s unique and exclusive voice better than I could ever do.”

Done-For-You Copy

I’ll let you in on a secret – website copy without solid brand foundations are just pretty words on a screen. They look nice – don’t do much. And we’re not talking fonts and colours here, friend, we’re talking brand. The guts and glory of your business. I’ll figure that out, with you.

Then I’ll write you the crispest copy around. No imitation flavours. Guaranteed.

One-On-One Copywriting Training

I have a 3-month waitlist full of hand-picked copywriting clients, a gasp-worthy hourly rate, copycats galore, and testimonials up the wazoo. I teach women in business, marketing professionals, VAs, and new copywriters how to write words that sell. One of my clients said this: “One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke)…” Kind of like dog years, I guess.

Online Courses & Downloadable Resources

Online copywriting courses, branding foundational exercises, and UX and structure downloadables for clever folk who want to make their business words work. From free resources to 10 module copywriting courses, I have a delicious offering for every palate (and budget).

Scrap stale.

Get Crisp. 

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Jay Crisp Crow
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Adverts, Blog posts, Emails, Feature articles, Slogans and taglines, Websites
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Agency, Beauty, Charity and NFP, Education, Finance, Health, Law, Small Business
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Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow (2).png 10 months ago
Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow (1).png 10 months ago
Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow.png 10 months ago
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