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Don’t you love the power, precision and persuasion of words? I do.

My background is in science, technology and applied photography, so I know words as powerful tools to convey precise meaning. But I also find beauty in a well-composed passage, beauty that draws the reader in. Readers like your customers …

What do you want to say to your customers or prospects? Perhaps you’re not sure, but I’m here to help you find out. Together, we’ll go over the details of:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • who you do it for
  • and why yours is the product or service they should choose.

Then I’ll get down to the job of writing the perfect email, web page, brochure, or whatever you need. Heck, I’ll even write your very own haiku, if you ask me to.

Beyond writing great copy, I also edit and proofread—I can’t help it; can’t find the ‘off’ switch. So I don’t need to contract out those services for a polished result, and the work reaches your Inbox sooner. And if you need advice or help with graphics or photography, I’m up for that as well.

So let’s talk. Let’s find out how I can help you move forward. Let’s get busy on your message.

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Duncan Waldron
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Adverts, Annual reports, Blog posts, Brochures, Emails, Product descriptions, Sales letters, Slogans and taglines, Social media updates, Websites
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