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44 Rothenburg Münster Nordrhein-Westfalen 48143 DE

Hi, I’m Else—I specialize in SEO-friendly copywriting and German marketing translations for eco-friendly German businesses looking to grow beyond the confines of the German language.

I get it: Finding the right way to strike a nerve in a foreign language is hard. How do you know that your English copy really speaks to your target markets? Does it make them want to keep on reading or rather click away? German companies in green industries have great opportunities for growth outside of Germany—if they get their marketing right.

I provide Google-friendly copy and German marketing translations for green companies based in Germany. Whether you want to move into European markets using English as your language of choice, communicate with international markets, or take on US-American markets with homegrown copy, I create well-researched, keyword-optimized copy that authentically portrays you and your mission.

My services:

  • SEO translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Transcreations
  • Language editing to optimize existing copy

I’m a German-American whose life has been steeped both in the German and the US culture. This makes me particularly qualified to understand your unique Germanness and help your English-speaking markets get you.

After studying linguistics, copywriting and SEO writing, I am now learning everything I can about the circular economy because there is always more to learn.

Head to my website to learn more about my services. I’m happy to talk about how I can help you.

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Else Gellinek
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Fashion, Retail, Small Business
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