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When people are asked to outline their expertise some may:

  • Give you a list of every certificate they have received during their lifetime.
  • Give you a cornucopia of skills and reviews that they have amassed over their lifetime as a professional.
  • Provide an in-depth layout of every completed project under the sun.

This information can be incredibly valuable, although what I have found talking to small businesses is that great creative copy comes down to your ability to put yourself into your reader’s shoes combined with the ability to captivate your reader in thought.

It is this very fact that has drawn me to writing creative copy in the first place. Copywriting in a way allows you to take a new perspective from your customers point of view and to see their business the way that they do.

In the world of creative copy, a business can be whatever they want to be. So have I lost you yet? Let’s use my business as an example. I’m not just a web designer, I am a guide helping small businesses navigate the social media jungle or an instructor helping small businesses surf the world wide web. Navigating their way around sharks (competitors) to online success.

As copywriters, it’s often our role to use creative metaphors and storytelling tactics to tap into what it really means to be part of a business’s brand.

All that aside let’s cover a bit about me. I am an agricultural professional, freelance web designer, copywriter and technology enthusiast. In the past, I have written copy and tenders for the agricultural sector as well as for rural-based businesses to help them tell their stories online.

I have a passion for helping small businesses create innovative content management strategies to transform their brands into a form that clients will love. If my use of quirky metaphors and my storytelling approach has sparked your interest then feel free to reach out as I am always up for a chat.

Contact name
Jamie Thornberry
I like to write...
Adverts, Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies, Press releases, Product descriptions, SEO Copy, Social media updates, Tenders, Websites
Other industries I have experience in:
Agriculture, Events, Food, Small Business, Technology, Travel
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