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Jennifer Robson


There are many terms you could use to describe what I do. Here are just a few:

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation/design
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Content management
  • Content localisation

But most people just call me “That Content Person”, and usually follow that with “She’s fantastic”.

I have extensive content and strategy experience across websites, UX/UI, marketing, email (servicing, campaigns, newsletters and customer lifecycle), partnerships (dual-branded UX, web & email), and video. I focus on both acquisition and engagement, and believe brand voice and style should shine through in every customer touchpoint.

Details matter. A successful content experience is not about pretty words that fit neatly in the design, although that helps. A successful content experience helps customers achieve their goals. It meets business needs, drives customer conversion and engagement, improves brand recognition, increases revenue and limits company exposure to risk.

Startups, big corporates and SMBs looking to really make their mark are where I like to play.

Be aware, I’m not a write-to-brief copywriter. I want to know every little aspect of your business and delve into your passion so I can uncover how I can help you really make an impact. Beyond the page, I’ve helped recent startup clients design their brand position and differentiation, product capabilities, and even their fee structures and strategies.

So, if you’re ready to push your business to the next level, drop me an email and let’s catch up for a coffee (or a phone call for those not in Sydney).

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I like to write...
Emails, Product descriptions, SEO Copy, Websites, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Arts, Education, Events, Government, Small Business
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