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Want to make a professional podcast but have no idea where to start? I can help with that.

Hiya, I’m Liz Clarkson.

And I use my extensive journalism, radio, and production background, to create words and sound for people and business dedicated to improving our modern world.

What I love to do:

  • Podcast production (I’ll make the whole thing for you)
  • Podcast strategy (I’ll plan the whole thing for you and give you the tools to DIY)
  • Podcast copy (I’ll write strategy, scripts and show notes and you do the recording)
  • Podcast audits (I’ll listen to your podcast and give constructive feedback on how to improve)

I also write. I can help you with:

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Newsletters

These can be in conjunction with a podcast, or seperate. My favourite way to work is when I get to work from an interview to create original content for you.

Who do I love working with?

People and businesses who are dedicated to improving our modern world.

That might mean you’re in the business of helping others, or you might have a ripper start-up that will revolutionise your industry. You might subscribe to circular economy practices, or you might just make the day a little brighter for those around you.

However you do it, if you’re in business for the right reasons, I’d love to work with you.

Why me?

I’ve been working as a radio journalist and producer for 15 years. Twelve of those years have been with the ABC. I have been so fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest. I now use all that I have learnt in radio and journalism to create content for you (you can still hear me on the radio on the weekends sometimes).

I’m also a wife, mum, step mum, gardener, and bad yogi. I advocate for my son who has a rare and complex medical condition. I can sign in (basic) Auslan (two members of my family are Deaf so we are a bi-lingual bunch). We have a kelpie and a couple of chooks who are always busy planning their great escape out of the chook yard and into my veggie patch – it’s an ongoing battle.

What to find out more? Please send me an email, text or if you’re feeling brave, give me a call.


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Contact name
Liz Clarkson
I like to write...
Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies, Emails, Feature articles, Presentations, Radio ads, Websites, Whitepapers, Video scripts
Other industries I have experience in:
Agency, Charity and NFP, Education, Environment and Conservation , Finance, Government, Health, Law, Medical, Small Business
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